We are delighted to announce that Ruxanda Sirbu has become the first student worldwide to achieve the CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing. Since being launched earlier this year, this Diploma has proved a popular choice amongst marketers seeking to make a difference in the industry.

Not only does Ruxanda now have two Level 6 Diplomas to her name, she is also currently studying the Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme with us! We caught up with her to hear about her experience studying the Diploma in Sustainable Marketing and what advice she would give to others considering the qualification.

Why did you decide to study the Diploma in Sustainable Marketing?

Seven years ago, I joined the marketing team of some of the most renowned airlines and cruise companies in the world. Despite being well-loved travel options, airlines and cruises are some of the most controversial industries when it comes to sustainability-related issues. In recent years, I was happy to observe noticeable steps towards sustainable travel within my industry, such as reducing single-use plastic and a partnership with WWF. Consequently, when the CIM introduced the new Diploma in Sustainable Marketing, it was a natural step for me to choose this qualification. It is through the Sustainability module that I now have a full image of how a marketer should develop and promote sustainable innovation as a source of competitive advantage, as in my market for example there is still a poor culture of sustainability.

How did you find studying for the qualification?

I always found sustainability-related articles and reports interesting, but when it came to the Sustainability module and assignment, I realised that before I had only just scraped the surface of sustainable marketing. There are so many issues to address, so much research to do and so many frameworks to choose from, that the only missing ingredient is time. Nowadays, all my study peers encounter the same problem with time, so I was fortunate to have the space to study (just after completing my other CIM assignment). I could put into practice what I had learned during the rest of the course, as well as my own research and further reading. My tutor’s support was a great help to me, as having someone to ask for guidance and advice was critical to me in this journey.  

What have you learned from the qualification?

After several months of study, I have gained a more solid understanding of the sustainability landscape and how marketing can facilitate organisational change to respond to the evolving sustainability agenda. From adapting the audit’s classical frameworks, (including the macro- and micro-environment), to formulating and implementing a sustainability strategy, it was a challenging yet rewarding course.

What advice would you give to anyone who is also thinking of studying the Diploma in Sustainable Marketing?

As a marketing mentor, I always advise my mentees and peers to choose the Sustainability module when undertaking their CIM qualifications; I am glad I can now contribute more to their achievements. Marketing is not only about making a profit by meeting the needs of customers, as Kotler says, it is also about “meeting the needs of its present consumers without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfil their own needs”. So, it is critical to understand the role that we, as marketers, can play in the crucial pursuit of global environmental sustainability. 

Jane Young, the Managing Director of the Oxford College of Marketing expressed her congratulations to Ruxanda:

“We are thrilled to hear of Ruxanda’s recent success. Not only should she be very personally proud, her achievement also marks a new commitment towards sustainability in the world of marketing. Ruxanda has worked exceedingly hard to complete two Level 6 qualifications, while also now studying for the Level 7 CIM Marketing Leadership Programme with us. Congratulations from all the team!”

Kalust Manukyan, Course Level Manager, also commented on her achievement:

“I’d like to congratulate Ruxanda on her achievement. She showed a real passion for gaining knowledge and applying it in practice. Being the first student worldwide to complete the CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing symbolises a shift in thinking. It is truly inspiring to meet marketers who are passionate about doing their best and doing it the right way – for the planet and for the people.”

If you would like to find out how your marketing career could benefit from the CIM Diploma in Sustainability – or any of our courses – contact us today.