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11 Top Tips for Increasing Motivation to Study


Most students need help increasing motivation to study from time to time. There are so many, less mentally taxing things you could be doing and it’s easy to get distracted or tempted by something else more enjoyable. Our top tips are here to help you put an end to procrastination and get motivated to study. 1. Understand why you’re procrastinating [...]

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The Best Free Study Productivity Tools for Students


If you’re struggling with your studies, there are plenty of useful online tools to help you regain control. We have put a list together of some of the best free study productivity tools to help you get organised and find a solution to every study problem you might face. For organisation: Soshiku Soshiku is a useful web tool that helps you [...]

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The Only Harvard Referencing Guide You Need


Whether you are undertaking a professional qualification or even a Masters degree, many students don’t fully understand why they need to include references in their dissertations and assessments. It’s not just to make your life difficult, or to make sure that you’re spending hours in the library, there are many important reasons for referencing other people’s research in your work [...]

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How to Undertake the Perfect SWOT Analysis


In the world of marketing, a SWOT analysis doesn’t mean Special Weapons and Tactics teams based in the United States (although that would be rather exciting). It’s an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, it is a tool commonly used by businesses when future planning. Figure 1 shows how a SWOT is laid out. A SWOT analysis is used [...]

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How To Use Harvard Referencing


Harvard Referencing is one of the most common areas that trip students up and result in loss of valuable marks. Make sure your referencing is completed in official Harvard style with this simple guide: In-text Citations – Harvard Referencing Style When you are making direct reference to a text, whether it be a quote or a mention of some form, [...]

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