CIM Exam Revision

4 Actionable Tips To Make Your Exam Revision Notes Even Better


We know that no one really loves revising for their exams, in fact, we can’t think of anyone who even likes revision! Although revising is the least fun thing we can think of, we can at least make it as easy as possible for ourselves to learn all of the information, and that’s where making good exam revision notes comes [...]

4 Actionable Tips To Make Your Exam Revision Notes Even Better2018-06-24T11:06:10+01:00

Top Tips For Exam Success


Let’s be honest, no one likes doing exams, do they? From the long hours spent studying beforehand to the agonising wait after they’re all finished while you wait for your results, every single aspect of exams can be stressful! So how do you ensure you’re set up for a win? Follow our top tips for exam success and you won’t [...]

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7 Killer Revision Tips for CIM Exams


Exams can be a daunting prospect for many students. Revision can be hard and you may be struggling to know how to prepare effectively. This is why we’ve put together our top revision tips to help you achieve success in your Chartered Institue of Marketing exams. Organise yourself It’s important to start your revision early to avoid cramming later. CIM [...]

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