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3 Sink Or Swim Points In Every Sales Cycle


No matter what you are selling, every sales cycle has 3 points in common. These ‘sink or swim’ points define the success or failure of that sale; and every salesperson needs to be able to recognise to control those moments. The Point of Value Creation Creating a differentiation between the products or services that you are trying to sell and [...]

3 Sink Or Swim Points In Every Sales Cycle2018-06-24T11:57:26+01:00

7 Tips For Improving Your Sales Persuasion Skills


A sale is a negotiation between you and the customer. It’s the sales person’s aim to persuade the customer that purchasing this product or service is the best option. With many people the obvious benefits aren’t enough and they need some further persuasion to make their purchasing decision. So how can you fine tune your persuading skills to close more [...]

7 Tips For Improving Your Sales Persuasion Skills2016-12-10T17:15:57+01:00

4 Characteristics That Make a Great Salesperson


  Recruiting great salespeople is a surprisingly difficult task, considering how popular and attractive the sales roles can be. Why? Because great salespeople have a sought after mix of characteristics that contribute to their natural success in the role. So what are these characteristics that make a salesperson so great at what they do? Ability To Empathise Empathy should not [...]

4 Characteristics That Make a Great Salesperson2016-12-10T17:15:57+01:00

3 Tips For Fine Tuning Your Sales Intuition


In sales, first impressions are everything, not just for the customer but for the sales person also. There are two ways in which sales people assess a situation; intuitively and deliberatively. The former is based on the very first impression, where as the second is based on the interaction with the customer. A study found that sales people who use [...]

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4 Tips For Better Sales and Marketing Alignment


Sales and marketing have always been at odds with each other in the past. But in this day and age it is more important than ever to bring the two teams together to create more powerful, targeting sales and marketing strategies. Here’s 4 tips for aligning the two sides to create one powerful team effort: Align Your Objectives For sales [...]

4 Tips For Better Sales and Marketing Alignment2016-12-10T17:16:00+01:00

4 Reasons Why Sales And Marketing Work Better Together


Sales and marketing teams have always been known to have a frayed relationship at best! But there are ample benefits to be found when the two departments put their heads together and work in sync. Here are just 4 of the many reasons why sales and marketing teams work better together: Marketing Can Warm Up Leads For Sales If you [...]

4 Reasons Why Sales And Marketing Work Better Together2016-12-10T17:16:00+01:00

Top Tools for Sales and Marketing Managers


From finding prospects and communicating with clients to managing the team, there are a number of tools out there to help make sales and marketing managers’ life easier! Here are some of the top tools we've found for sales and marketing managers: Salesforce Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools on the market. It allows you to oversee every [...]

Top Tools for Sales and Marketing Managers2016-12-10T17:16:00+01:00

4 Tips For Closing More Sales In 2015


In today’s technology-led society, buyers are doing their own research into the products and services they are considering before they even reach a sales person. This means that the sales person of 2015 needs to adapt their approach to closing sales. 1. Practice Makes Perfect It seems an obvious one to begin with, but never underestimate the power of practice. [...]

4 Tips For Closing More Sales In 20152016-12-10T17:16:01+01:00

Content Marketing And The Evolving Sales Funnel


In this new digital age, customers are becoming busier, wiser and more skeptical than ever before. And in order to keep up with the changing customer profile, the traditional sales funnel has had to evolve and grow to accommodate these challenging new factors. The traditional sales funnel followed the simple model of attention, interest, decision and action. You got the [...]

Content Marketing And The Evolving Sales Funnel2016-12-10T17:16:02+01:00

Writing An Effective Sales Plan


The management and implementation of sales is a vital contributor to the success of any organisation. Therefore, having a simple but clear plan in place for the sales activities is important. With that in mind, we take a look at the main elements of an effective sales plan: Where You Are Now and Where You Want To Be It’s important [...]

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