Watch our latest PR on Demand webinar that looks at copywriting for PR professionals.

The rise of content has made feature writing one of the most in-demand copywriting styles for PR practitioners. This interactive session introduces feature-style copywriting and the foundations of tackling feature content briefs.

Is feature writing something everyone can do?

While press release writing is widely taught and carefully studied, employers and career entrants often assume that feature style is something everyone can ‘just do’ – and then are disappointed by the results.

Feature style can look easy because it’s short and in a chatty style. In reality, though, it depends on a number of key underlying structures and principles for its success – every bit as much as press release style does.

This webinar gives a practical introduction to mastering the basics of writing in a feature style. By the end of the session, you should feel more confident about tackling content writing briefs and be ready to find your own ‘Feature Voice’.


About the trainer
Mel Powell is a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and leads our own CIPR training sessions.

She has experience in Public Relations and many other areas and her experience in PR practice includes local government, media relations and arts (theatre) marketing.

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