Watch our latest practical marketing webinar where Stephen Pratley shows the potential of automated email campaigns to nurture leads and grow online sales.

Implemented Your Automated Email Programme

A chasm exists between Marketing and Sales in many organisations with neither side taking prospects from “interested” to “ready to buy”. This webinar shows how simple technology can close some of that gap.

During the webinar, you’ll learn the process of designing and developing a successful automated email programme, including how to then manage the leads at different stages of the buying cycle. The webinar will also look at how you can plan and develop suitable content for a successful automated email campaign.

Stephen Pratley is founder of The Conversion Co. working with clients in education and training businesses to grow sales of their digital products. With experience across ecommerce, education and SaaS, Stephen holds an MA in Marketing from Kingston Business School and has taught at Kingston University and The Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing.

How to Watch

You can access the webinar and watch the recording here.

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