Missed our Top 5 Digital Tools from the Experts webinar last week? Don’t worry; our guest presenter and digital expert, Adam O’Reily, has provided us with an overview of his top digital tools – and a link so you can watch the recording too.

As a Digital Marketer who has been working in the digital space for about 10 year, I’ve used pretty much all digital tools, but here are some of the tools I’ve used that might be of use to your future campaigns.

Mark Zuckerberg once said that email is dead, well, I don’t agree. I’ve always used email for my digital campaigns because, it’s a great way to send personalised messages to audiences who have given permission to speak to them. I use Bronto as my email service provider because I can integrate the platform with Magento to receive sales data to target high and low spending customers. Segmentation of databases for personalisation and A/B split testing are other key features I use regularly within the platform to drive performance within this channel.

Magento and WordPress connected together make a great partnership because the two pieces of software make the upload of content really easy. For example, Magento makes writing product descriptions and merchandising quick to manage, while WordPress handles homepage graphics and blog uploads as well as other interchangeable content, which includes page titles and meta descriptions for SEO.

Speaking of SEO, the MOZ Page Title tool is great for quickly checking that your pages titles stay within Google’s character limits. Google back page titles on pixels, so you need to watch out for capital letters, which will take up more space. This is a great digital tool for refining your web pages for SEO.

Affiliates are a great way to acquire new customers and with attentive management, can bring good returns. Webgains is a network I have used in the past; they offer competitive rates and significant global affiliate reach too. Many affiliates will offer their web pages and banner space to promote organisations, products or specific content in exchange for an agreed commission or tenancy, which can assist in driving leads or sales for the business.

Seeding your content across social media can be a large task to handle, especially if you are working in a very small team. I’d also recommend HootSuite because the software allows the required social platforms for be pulled together into one place. This digital tool enables messages to be tailored to each channel as well as adding a tracking tag to a post for analytics.

While all these tools are useful, it’s important that they are all working together and are integrated when undertaking digital marketing activities. This can ensure any digital campaign and activity runs smoothly to achieve its objectives and does not lead to a disconnected campaign.

You can watch my webinar on the top 5 digital tools from the experts here too.