Marketers have a pretty great job (but then, we are biased!). However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Great marketers have to work hard every day to be as successful as they are.

Want to follow in their footsteps and become a great marketer yourself? Not only should you gain your CIM marketing qualification, you should also do these 6 things on a daily basis:

  1. Set Some Targets

It’s a simple task that can completely change the way you run your campaigns now and in the future. If you don’t have measurable targets, you are running your campaign blind.

The targets you set will all depend on what the overall purpose of the campaign is. There doesn’t have to be just one target, but having a small number of measurable targets will help you determine the success of the campaign. For example, if the campaign is to generate more leads then you would measure how many leads are generated and how/from where.

  1. Keep Tabs On Competitors

Keeping constant track of what your competitors are doing in the market will help you to improve what you are doing. It’s always good to know what you are up against and how you can alter your marketing strategies to either differentiate from them entirely or show how you can better what they are offering.

  1. Communicate With a Specific Buying Persona

Too many marketers are less successful because they try to address too many audiences at once. Buying personas are created for a reason; they tell you all you need to know about each market segment and how you should address them.

Focus on how your campaign will address just one buying persona at one time, don’t try to encompass every persona at once. Even if they do have similarities, they are still in separate market segments for a reason. Treat them all individually and you will connect with more of each segment.

  1. Generate Some Content

Content is a powerful, engaging marketing resource and it gets shared on a very regular basis. The more content you can churn out, the better, which means every day successful marketers aim to add a little more to their stock pile.

Content comes in all shapes and sizes, including blogs and articles, news posts, images and infographics, webinars and slide show presentations, videos and more. Take inspiration from whats in the news, in your own social media feeds and your industry’s forums, and then let the content ideas flow. You’ll have a full stockpile again in no time!

  1. Social Listening

You don’t always know what is being said about your company by it’s customers. But through social listening, you can track when people on social media are talking about your brand and how this impacts your reputation.

For example, someone on Twitter may be upset with a product of yours and has complained about it in a tweet. By searching setting up searches for your brand name and products/services, plus any variants or related keywords, you can see these tweets or posts and deal with them before they have a negative impact on your brand.

You can also use social listening to gauge the overall consensus of your audience towards your company. What common areas do they feel positive about and how can you use this? Are there any common negatives that could be dealt with? Are there any areas of mixed feelings that can be improve upon? Does the audience perceive your brand in the way you are intending?

  1. Measure & Evaluate

Constantly checking to make sure targets are being met, measuring how campaigns are performing and evaluating where improvements can be made to boost success is all part of the great marketer’s daily tasks.

It helps you to keep actively improving and get to know the market segments even better. The results of your campaigns give you a better idea of what the people you are trying to reach will respond to and why, meaning you can reach even more people with future efforts.


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