Six Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs a Customer Centric Roadmap


Since I started my career, 38 years ago, on the shop floor of my late Father’s retail optical chain in Glasgow, I have been deeply passionate about customer service, customer experience and putting customers at the heart of all I do. I’ve lived and breathed it in every role I’ve had since including running the multichannel operations for Harrods, Burberry, [...]

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How to Measure Content Marketing Success


It is notoriously difficult to quantify the success of content marketing because many factors are involved. Content does not always lead to direct sales. However, there are many metrics that are useful in gauging how well your content is performing in relation to your conversion goals. In this post, we will look at how you can calculate your content marketing [...]

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Oxford College of Marketing Partner with JAYE Malta Foundation


Oxford College of Marketing (Oxcom) are delighted to announce a new partnership with Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation.  As a member of Junior Achievement (JA) worldwide, JAYE Malta Foundation aims to equip young people with the business skills needed to succeed through a variety of practical, educational programmes. These programmes aim to inspire young people to develop their [...]

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What is Clubhouse?


Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app launched by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. According to the website, it’s a “new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.” Founded in spring 2020 and reportedly valued at $100 million at the time, users had climbed [...]

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Branding: Does Size Matter? (Webinar)


Watch our latest practical marketing webinar where Andy Cridland looks at building a successful brand on a limited budget.  Branding Building Regardless of Business Size  Is a strong brand only for big companies with big budgets? The answer is no. Whether you’re a big global business, or a small local independent, B2B or B2C, a strong brand is achievable and can [...]

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Aligning An Organisation For Success with McKinsey’s 7S


In marketing, we understand that each element of our strategy should work together to complement one another in order to reach our set goals. But should we be taking a broader look into how the components within the organisation can be reviewed and realigned to achieve continued success? McKinsey's 7S model identifies seven key components within an organisation that need [...]

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How To Continually Improve with PDCA


Plan. Do. Check. Act (PDCA). Made popular by Deming in 1950, it’s another one of those models that you look at and think: ‘Yes, that’s obvious.’ The reason it feels obvious is because these four steps are core to so many business processes. If you’re interested in making your organisation effective (achieving results) while being efficient (doing it with the [...]

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Know Your Marketing Models: AIDA


I’ll confess right now: I love the AIDA model. It’s one of those, ‘This is so obvious’ models that it’s easy to dismiss it. Indeed, it frequently gets dismissed and ridiculed. But ignore that criticism. Let me take you through it and help you realise the genius behind its simplicity and, more importantly, how it’s laid the foundation stone for [...]

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Finding The Right Customers With The STP Model


As marketers, to satisfy customers we tailor our marketing activities to meet their needs. This sounds a simple concept until we consider that our market consists of all people or businesses potentially interested in our products and services. It stands to reason there will be a range of different needs across just one market – so which of those customer [...]

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Lockdown Lunch and Learn: Join Our Free Marketing Webinar Programme


In these unprecedented times, many individuals are adjusting to new ways of working as well as organising their time in different ways. This can also present an opportunity to invest in yourself; including learning new skills and disciplines to support your career. To support our students and the wider marketing community, Oxford College of Marketing has created a 6-week webinar [...]

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