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Your Essential Guide to SMART objectives


The foundation for any effective marketing plan is clear, SMART objectives. These will provide direction for all stakeholders, the ability to track performance and refocus actions to achieve the business end goals – whether these are for setting up a new small business venture, planning a small, short-term project or writing a significant long-term strategic plan. The acronym SMART has [...]

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How To Refresh Evergreen Content


By now, we’re sure you are aware that Content is King; but some content is so popular and provides such benefit to your audience that it can be used again.  This category of content is known as evergreen content. To continuously engage with your audiences, a portion of your content will most likely be focussed on trends or current events. [...]

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Tried and Tested Influencer Collaboration Types


Influencer marketing is extremely popular with brands because it is a highly effective advertising tool. Consumers trust recommendations from real people far more than traditional adverts created by brands themselves. Influencers are revered by their followers who want to be just like them, which means using the same products they do.   Influencer collaboration can help you grow your brand [...]

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How To Easily Generate Blog Post Ideas That Engage Your Audience


Do you struggle to come up with blog post ideas to keep your blog up to date and interesting? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone, in fact, sometimes the idea takes longer to formulate than writing the blog itself. Writer’s block is common, especially if you think you have written everything there is to write about your niche, but we [...]

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SEO Basics for Content Editors


This guide is a simple how to do SEO basics for content editors who use a content management system (CMS) – such as Wordpress - to edit websites for their organisation. For some CMS systems, it may not be possible to edit certain areas of content discussed and they may need support from IT and web developers. Keyword Selection Every [...]

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5 Types of Content Needed for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy


The right content can help you engage your target market and improve conversions. It’s important to have a clearly defined content marketing strategy to ensure you reach the right people in the right way. Here are the top 5 types of content you should include for a successful content marketing strategy. 1. Blog Posts Blog posts are a great way [...]

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Why Every Business Should Develop An Audio Content Strategy


We’ve all heard the term content is king; the more information you can have out there about your products or services and their features and benefits the better. While many understand the importance of written word and video in their content strategy, only a few understand the importance of having an audio content strategy. The savvy businesses are already exploiting [...]

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4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making


Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that we can use today, but if done wrong, it can often do more harm than good. So, if you think that content marketing is just writing any old blog post and posting it online, then you might want to read on to find out about the content marketing mistakes [...]

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How to Create Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) Content for Lead Generation


Raise your hand if you’ve ever defined a problem or opportunity but then struggle to work out quickly and easily what the options are and how they compare? I imagine a few hands went up there, or you imagined you raised your hand so you didn’t look like a weirdo in the office. I ask this question because this is [...]

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Six Steps to Successful Sales Funnel Content Creation


Do you buy everything you see advertised? Or everything you see on display in a shop window or on a website? Most of the time your answer will ‘no’ because that’s not how we shop. We’d quickly run out of money for starters, and research shows that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases and B2B researchers [...]

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