Missed our latest PR on Demand Webinar on finding your brands voice? Don’t worry, you can catch up on it here. 

This webinar explores ways to review and develop brand language. It looks at a variety of topics including what a brand voice is and what it isn’t, exploration of good, bad (and the ugly!) practical examples and they key steps you need to develop your brands voice.

What is your Brand Voice?

Your brand voice is how you communicate to your audience. It is the way you make them feel listened to, how you describe yourself, your business and your products or services. The style it has depends on who you are talking to, and how you want to be perceived. It should feel authentic and in-line with your brand values.

Why is your Brand Reputation Important?

These days people don’t just care about what you sell – they care about what you’re like. Whether or not they’re drawn to the personality behind your brand is a huge factor in their buying decisions. And the way you speak to potential customers is one of the main indicators of that personality. But when it comes to designing a PR campaign most businesses only think about what they’re saying, not how they’re saying it. They focus on their message but forget about their voice.

About The Trainer

Bethany Joy helps businesses get better at using language to show what kind of people they are.

Bethany has been supporting businesses for five years to find their brand voice, which she describes as a delightful culmination of word know-how she has picked up over a decade in myriad marketing and branding and copywriting roles.

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You can also download the slides for this session here.

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