One area that students often have questions about when embarking on a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification is how they will be assessed. We understand that exams can be daunting, but the CIM’s practical assessment framework is designed for the needs of professionals balancing work and study. Depending on the qualification level, assessments are often a combination of online multiple-choice examinations and written assignments.

In this post, we look at some of the most frequently asked questions relating to CIM assignments as well as providing a video overview too.

How CIM Qualifications Are Assessed

The way in which CIM qualifications are assessed depends on which level of qualification you are working towards. The CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional (Digital) Marketing and the CIM Certificate in Professional (Digital) Marketing qualifications both include one module which is assessed by online examination. The rest of the modules are then assessed by written assignment.

The CIM Diploma in Professional (Digital) Marketing, CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing and the Marketing Leadership Programme are all assessed by written assignments, meaning there are no examinations. You will produce a written assignment for each module you undertake as part of the qualification.

The CIM offer three assessment boards per year, meaning you have three opportunities per year to submit your assignment to be graded by an examiner. There are also three online examination windows, which mean you can choose when you sit your examination.

How Do CIM Assignments Work?

CIM Assignments are practical-based assessments which are based on an organisation of your choice, usually a current or past employer Don’t worry, assignments have been developed so the tasks can be applied to organisations of all sizes and sectors, so it doesn’t matter whether you work for a small not-for-profit or a large multi-national corporation!

Your assignment will follow a theme based on some options provided by the CIM. The theme will relate to broader marketing approaches that an organisation might adopt; we recommend selecting the theme that best fits with your chosen organisation and their marketing activities.

This assignment is then designed for you to apply the knowledge you have learnt within your module. You will be required to address two or three tasks that cover the module syllabus.

How Long Do They Take?

Each CIM module has guided learning hours allocated to it, which includes the recommended time you should spend writing up and completing your assignment. This is usually 30 hours per module assignment. It might sound like a lot, but you will probably only spend about 2-3 hours per week at first on your assignment, then a little more once the deadline gets closer.

Each task in a CIM assessment will have a maximum word count allocated to it, with the majority of assessments capped at 4,750 words, or 5,000 words for the Marketing Leadership Programme.

What Does A CIM Assignment Look Like?

A common request from those that enquire about CIM qualifications is to see an example of the assignment paper.

You can find some examples for the July 2022 assignments below for different levels of qualification and modules. The assessment themes and elements of the task can change between assessment boards, so do just ensure you work on the assessment provided to you by your study centre.

CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing: Communications in Practice Assignment

CIM Certificate in Professional (Digital) Marketing: Planning Campaigns Assignment

CIM Diploma in Professional (Digital) Marketing: Marketing & Digital Strategy Assignment

How Are CIM Assignments Graded?

Each CIM Assignment is issued a percentage mark along with a corresponding grade. Grades are applied to each module as well as to the overall qualification.

Grading is as follows:

  • Distinction 70-100%
  • Merit 60-69%
  • Pass 50-59%

Your overall qualification grade will be calculated by aggregating the score of the 3 modules out of 300. The marks required to secure an overall grade are detailed below:

Don’t forget your qualification certificate will contain your overall grade only and not a percentage mark.

When Do I Receive My Results?

For CIM Assignments, you will receive your results approximately 3 months after the CIM final assignment deadline.

For online examinations, students will be told if they were successful immediately after completing the exam. However, you will receive your specific marks in line with CIM assignments, so three months after the final submission deadline.

CIM provide a full timetable of dates for final assessment submissions, publication of results and certificates annually.

More FAQs about CIM Assignments

Watch our video that answers other frequently asked questions about CIM assignments, including:

  • CIM success factors for assignments
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  • What data is needed to complete a CIM assignment
  • The role of your tutor in supporting you with your assignment
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Wrap Up

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