They’re all a key part of Oxford’s newly re-launched Marketing Camp, which we’re excited to be sponsoring. So here we talk to Bethany Joy, organiser of the meet-up, about exactly what’s on offer for local marketers like you…

So firstly, what exactly is Marketing Camp? 

We’re a fun, friendly community of marketers, all based in Oxfordshire, who meet up once a month to chat and learn. We’ve been around for about five years, although we haven’t met for awhile (because, covid) – but now we’re back and raring to go with a great line-up of (free) in-person events this autumn and beyond.

What kind of people make up the community? And who will it be a good fit for?

Well we’re open to anyone, we don’t check marketing credentials at the door! But the group is really ideal for anyone who’s just feeling a little isolated in their marketing efforts – so people working in a solo marketing role for a small(ish) company without a team around them, or perhaps a freelancer or small business owner managing all their own marketing.

The idea is that our meetups offer a space to connect with others who really get your day-to-day challenges. So people who can sympathise when your boss enthusiastically asks if you can make “one of those viral videos”, or offer advice and fresh ideas when you’re planning a new campaign, or suggest a genuinely useful (and affordable) resource or person that could help with a project you don’t have the skills for in-house.

Plus, the different topics and speakers each month mean you can learn practical and relevant stuff, taking just a bit of time to dig deeper into key areas that marketers in bigger companies have whole teams devoted to but that you’re expected to cover by yourself in just a few hours a week. (We’ll be looking at things like getting PR and media coverage, creating great email campaigns, developing engaging videos, etc.)

What do you think are the standout features of Marketing Camp – why would people want to come along?

Well, there’ll be free beer at every meet-up, so that’s a pretty good reason to come along! Our fab sponsors (thanks OXCOM and also Pink Giraffe) are keeping us well-watered at the events (with soft drinks too if you’re not a big drinker).

But I think a really key feature of Marketing Camp is the local focus. So having a physical community that’s really rooted in one place means that the support we can offer each other is more tangible. So I’m hoping people will develop really good friendships through the meet-ups, and get together outside of the structured events. Plus it’s good for building up a network of easily-accessible people or businesses to collaborate with, as everybody’s based in the county. All our speakers are local too, so they can be a meaningful part of the community on an ongoing basis. I think it’s an important complement to the many online/global resources and communities we have available to us these days.

Also, maybe the biggest one – for me at least – is just getting to talk to other human beings in real life again. I mean it’s been amazing to see an explosion of great content online during the lockdowns. But it’s very difficult to recreate a lot of the more informal but hugely supportive and insightful conversations you can have when you’re just sat next to someone chatting over a drink.

So where can people find out more about what’s coming up and book tickets for the events? 

All the info you need is at and you can book tickets through there too (the events are all free but it’s helpful if people register just so we know who’s coming, that way we know we’ve got enough seats – and beer – for everyone!) You can also sign up to our email list there, which is a good way of staying in the loop as we announce new events and topics.

I hope to see you around the campfire sometime soon!


Image credit: Ivan Samkov