Watch our latest practical marketing webinar where Edmund Bradford looks at how marketers can drive sustainability. 

Importance of Sustainability in Marketing

There has been an explosion of interest in sustainability. Over $30 trillion has now poured into sustainable companies from investors. Governments around the world are laying out decarbonization targets, companies like Unilever are demanding much more action from their suppliers and the younger “Greta Generation” of consumers are growing up. 

Yet where is marketing in all this? Change is being driven by CEOs, finance, procurement, the supply chain function and new Chief Sustainability Officers, but rarely marketing. 

The truth is that marketers can play a massive role in saving the planet. They need to stop being seen as the greenwashing, purpose exploiters of the past and act more as the leaders of real sustainable change in their business. 

In this webinar, we will explore how marketers can move from the edge to centre-stage in building real sustainable companies built on “good growth brands.”  

Edmund Bradford is a Director at both The Good Growth Academy Ltd and Market2Win Ltd.  He has been helping organizations develop and execute growth strategies for over 25 years. Edmund has written extensively on the subject of sustainability and is the author of a book on How to Implement Marketing Plans Effectively.  

Watch The Webinar

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Image credit: Karsten Würth.