With 772 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the must-have social platform for professionals and businesses alike. The platform helps organisations promote themselves and source the best talent. Recently, a host of new and exciting features have been added to LinkedIn. In this post, we take a look at 3 of the best and why you should be using them. 

LinkedIn Live 

LinkedIn Live

Over the past year, both brands and creators alike have been boosting their impact in a big way by embracing live video across their social channels. Live video provides a more personal way for businesses to connect with their audience, facilitating real-time interactions. 

The platform’s recent introduction of LinkedIn Live is exciting for both businesses and professionals. It can help you present yourself as an authority in your field and take your community to new heights. According to reports from the platform, going live on LinkedIn results in seven times more reactions and twenty-four times more comments compared with a brand’s native videos. 

What makes this feature even more exciting is its exclusive nature. Unlike other platforms, you are required to make an application to become a certified live partner before being able to broadcast. This can be done via the LinkedIn Business page. Some of the factors considered by the platform during the application process are your audience size and engagement history, whether your account has been in good standing, your video and overall content creation history and whether you have 2FA enabled. 

Once approved, you will need to use a compatible third-party streaming tool such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Bluejeans. The benefit of this is that you can share your live stream videos across multiple platforms at once for maximum reach. 


LinkedIn Stories

If you are familiar with other social media platforms at all, you will be aware of stories and how popular they are. LinkedIn is the latest platform to adopt these, demonstrating a move away from their more formal image. 

Stories are short videos lasting a few seconds or an image shared, which remains active for 24 hours before disappearing. Stories can be enhanced with overlaid text, stickers and emojis. While these have proved extremely popular amongst individuals on their personal accounts, more businesses are now using this medium as it provides an insight into their brand and portrays a personal, relatable image. 

LinkedIn stories are ideal for sharing relevant tips, answering common questions, making company or product announcements or simply giving customers an insight into your workday or company environment. 

LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn Polls

Polls are everywhere on social media now. Interactive content like polls requires users to take an action and, as such, ensures engagement with your posts. You can create a poll with a specific question and multiple-choice answers. 

People are likely to respond to polls because it only takes a few seconds, and the nature of polls is that you can’t see the current results until you have selected an option. This makes people curious and encourages them to vote. 

Use LinkedIn polls to gain quick feedback, gauge interest in possible products or services, start a conversation or simple market research. Features like these also help you mix up your content so your followers don’t get bored. 

Polls can be a great conversation starter, often attracting plenty of comments. As the creator, you will have sole access to the information regarding who voted and what they voted for. These insights can potentially be used to tailor offers, ads and products or services in future. 

These features show that LinkedIn is determined to rival the best of its competition. With many more new features to explore, there has never been a better time to promote your LinkedIn brand. 

Images credits: LinkedIn & inlytics