Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app launched by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. According to the website, it’s a “new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.”

Founded in spring 2020 and reportedly valued at $100 million at the time, users had climbed to an estimated 600,000 registered users by December. 

Who can use it?

The app is currently only available to Apple users, but the founders have said that they will be developing an Android app in the future. 

Initially, the app was open to and favoured by A-listers and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs because of its invite-only feature 

Celebrity users have included the likes of Oprah, Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher. 

Although the app is still strictly invite-only, it has become more mainstream in recent months. Users have a limited number of invites that they can use to invite friends or colleagues, which is expanding the platform exponentially. 

What’s it like when you’re in?

“Imagine if Ted Talks, Soho House and your favourite podcast platform all had a lovechild, it would be something like this, except on Clubhouse you can be part of the conversation too.”

When you open the app, you see virtual rooms with different subjects that you can hop in and out off. You can join any room (once approved by the moderator), where your conversations will act like recorded voice notes. For those that simply want to listen in, you can simply mute upon entry and enjoy a live podcast.

Conversation data is not stored and although the app initially had no moderation policy, community guidelines now include the ability to create customisable rules to each virtual room and the option to block or report an incident. 

How to use Clubhouse for Marketing

Clubhouse combines the ability for a more authentic influencer marketing strategy, as well as the ultimate networking opportunity. 

The invite-only feature means that the app is still only available to a smaller group, with the ability to connect with A-listers and tech giants on an intimate level. 

Think of a TED Talk but with the option to respond in real time. The platform offers the ability to become a thought leader and engage with other like-minded professionals. You can schedule talks to begin at specific times, and allow other users to join the conversation and end up leaving with 30 new contacts.

Digital creators and Influencers have already started to change their social media bios from Influencer to Moderator.

It’s still early days in the Social Media landscape, but over the next couple of months, the founders will almost certainly add features that will enable them to monetise the platform.

So we rounded up our top three ways marketers can use Clubhouse in their marketing strategy:

  • It’s basically an audio-only virtual event. Which means it a key opportunity to connect with customers in a similar way to a private group on Facebook. Share your brand’s story, get customer feedback and raising awareness of your brand – it’s a new way to engage with your audience, and create new ones.
  • Networking without the spam. As it’s in its early phases, you’re not bombarded with spam or constant ads like some other social media platforms. Everyone is there for a similar reason and open to conversation!
  • Attract new customers and followers. Former CEO of Focus Brands, parent company of Cinnabon, Kat Cole hosts a weekly event for the sole purpose of helping other entrepreneurs find their feet in the world of business. She began dropping into the conversation “Hey, if anyone wants some Cinnabon, send me your address, I’ll send you some Cinnabons.” This caused a massive buzz for the company and saw Cole amass almost a million followers.


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Image credit: Josh Rose