Do you struggle to come up with blog post ideas to keep your blog up to date and interesting? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone, in fact, sometimes the idea takes longer to formulate than writing the blog itself.

Writer’s block is common, especially if you think you have written everything there is to write about your niche, but we have created a list to help you come up with interesting and engaging topics for your readers week after week.

Create Alerts & Feeds

When it comes to keeping abreast of all the latest news and developments, alerts are your best friend. No one has time to sit and trawl through streams day in day out. Taking the time to sit and create alerts is a sound investment. Alerts can be created within Google, who will email you the daily news that contains the keywords you are interested in.

Feeds are another time-friendly way to keep on top of the latest discussion in your industry. Feedly is a tool which can help you collate information by keywords and subjects into boards which you can scan through. Some social media scheduling software such as Social Pilot also provides a ‘curated’ feed for you to source content and to generate blog post ideas from.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to see what people are talking about and generate blog post ideas. Twitter shows trending topics and from there you can see what people are saying about these topics, how do they feel, what are their questions and so on. You can then use these points to decide which blog topic would be useful and relevant.

Pinterest is another social media channel that can help you devise blog post ideas, it’s like a graphically focused search engine showing many different topics in the form of infographics, blog posts tutorials and more.

Another useful way to know what people would like to read and learn more about is by monitoring your analytics on previous content to see which performed well and expanding upon it, or even asking your followers directly with a poll what they would like to see next.

Gain Inspiration from Similar Blogs

Often, looking at similar blogs can help you to develop an idea, which you can write from your own perspective. Remember this is purely for general ideas, do not copy someone else’s article word for word this will only discredit you and cause problems with your SEO.

Google Search Console

If you don’t have Google search console set up, you should probably go and get that sorted. If you have a proper content plan, then you should already have a list of keywords you are targeting and writing content around. Google search console has a Performance report within it which can show you the search queries people used when they landed on your website. This is useful in showing you combinations of keywords you may not have considered previously. So, while you may have a blog targeting one keyphrase, for example ‘the benefits of drinking water’ and another targeting a separate phrase ‘diet tips’ search console may show you that someone has used a combination of the two such as ‘the benefits of drinking water when on a diet’ – This gives you a whole new blog topic to write.

Don’t Get Stressed Over Blog Topics

The most important point to note if you’re struggling to generate blog post ideas is not to allow stress to get the better of you. Clear your head, take a break or do something else before refocusing on the task. Forcing yourself to write something will never produce your greatest work.

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