Are you thinking about undertaking a professional qualification? Or are you already studying for your CIM qualification? Review our latest webinar to find out more about the revised CIM 2019 syllabus, including updated qualifications and modules.

After undertaking extensive research with employers, students and study centres, CIM has updated the content across the majority of their qualifications. The revised syllabus reflects the changing nature of the marketing environment as well as the key skills expected from marketers in today’s workplace.

CIM 2019 Syllabus: Updated For Today’s Marketer

CIM has refreshed its qualifications across the Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing, Certificate in Professional Marketing, Diploma in Professional Marketing and Diploma in Digital Marketing. This includes new mandatory and elective modules as well as exciting new qualification pathways. This new syllabus is available to study from September, with the first assessments submitted for April 2020.

During this informative webinar, OXCOM senior tutor Red Barrington discusses the new qualifications and module content in detail, to help you decide which qualification is right for you. The webinar reveals the updated module assessments as well as transition arrangements for those students who are already studying for a CIM qualification.  The webinar also detailed the Oxford College of Marketing’s study options for CIM qualifications.

How to Watch

You can watch our webinar on the revised CIM 2019 syllabus below.

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