Watch our latest practical marketing webinar where media specialist Daniel Coleman takes a detailed look at the changing media landscape and what this could mean for your future advertising campaigns.

Are you concerned about where your advertising is viewed?

Whilst we have seen huge changes in how we all consume our media, there has been an equally large change in how advertising is traded. This has had at least as much impact on advertising effectiveness.

Advertising is now largely traded like any other commodity, with the supply of an audience and the demand of the advertisers chasing that audience the only parameters at play.  This has led to a world where every advertising ‘impression’ is deemed to be of the same value.

Is All Media Made Equal?

But is this right? Is an advertising message being seen alongside a clearly fake news post on social media really of the same value as an ad seen on the inside front cover of Vogue magazine? During this session, we’ll examine this and review examples of mistakes made by some of the world’s biggest advertisers and brands.

The webinar will seek to answer questions about advertising effectiveness versus advertising efficiency and get you to think about the role of media context in your own marketing communication efforts.

Daniel Coleman has worked in advertising, media and publishing for over twenty years. In that time, he has been responsible for the media budgets of some of Britain’s biggest advertisers: Marks and Spencer, McDonald’s, Mattel, LG, National Savings and Investments and HMV.

Daniel also acts as a consultant offering marketing and media strategy to a number of clients, most recently the National Trust.

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