Recruiting great salespeople is a surprisingly difficult task, considering how popular and attractive sales roles can be. Why? Because great salespeople have a sought after mix of characteristics that contribute to their natural success in the role. So what are these characteristics that make a great salesperson and good at what they do?

  1. Ability To Empathise

Empathy should not be confused with sympathy. Being able to understand the customer’s wants and needs on a much deeper level is a rare and important talent in sales. In order to demonstrate respect and gain the customer’s trust, the salesperson needs to be able to show they have a genuine understanding of the problem and want to find a solution for the customer’s benefit, not just to hit another sales target.

Being able to show empathy to a customer requires being able to accurately read their emotions and behavioural cues. This enables the salesperson to then establish rapport with the customer and make them feel comforted by their presence.  The customer should be made to feel they are in good hands and can trust the salesperson’s advice.

  1. Goal-Driven

A person who is driven by a goal makes a good salesperson, as they are focused on the task at hand and can self-motivate.  They tend to be very good at organising and prioritising tasks to help them reach their goals.

Balancing a driven personality with the ability to empathise with the customer is what makes a great salesperson. If they are too driven, it can mean that they look past the customer’s real need in order to reach their goal. If they are not driven enough, they may miss opportunities to reach goals and fall behind.

  1. Responsible

A responsible person makes a great salesperson as they will take responsibility for their own success AND failings. They won’t pass blame in difficult situations; they will own up to mistakes and are driven to take action in every situation where needed.

  1. Persistent

Being persistent to a certain degree, but also understanding when to back down is another trait of a successful salesperson. Reaching goals in sales is always an uphill battle and it takes a persistent person to keep pushing even after they suffer knockbacks.

A persistent salesperson doesn’t take a customer’s rejection personally or as a failure. For some people it is just not the right time or situation for them to buy; it isn’t a reflection on the salesperson’s abilities or personality. A great salesperson will take an optimistic view and simply move on to the next potential sale. This persistence is what makes great salespeople reach their goals faster and constantly improve on their targets.

Wrap Up

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