Join us on Thursday 26th April at 12.30pm (BST) for our latest practical marketing webinar where Rob Hill, Head of Brand at Pulsar, looks at how marketers can connect social media audience insights to help refine their marketing strategy and segmentation.

Over the last 10 years, audience insights and research have become increasingly sophisticated with the addition of new techniques using social media data insights and digital qualitative methods. Despite this advanced understanding of audiences; in many cases marketing has continued to follow a one-size fits all approach. Surely it’s time that both insights and marketing met in the middle to improve the experience for the consumers?

Using Social Media Audience Insights For Success

During this webinar, Rob will look to explain how marketers can start to use social media data specifically to understand audiences and incorporate these insights into a marketing strategy. You’ll be able to see how social listening is evolving from brand, crisis and campaign tracking, to a source of audience intelligence data that can help create audience-centric marketing strategy and campaigns.

Rob Hill leads the brand team at Pulsar, working with clients such as ITV, Kopparberg, EDF, BBC and Shortlist Magazine. Pulsar is an advanced audience intelligence platform that helps marketers find the story in the data. Pulsar leads the evolution of social listening by bringing all the digital signals of brand audiences into one place, leveraging the power of data visualization and AI.

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