We know that no one really loves revising for their exams, in fact, we can’t think of anyone who even likes revision! Although revising is the least fun thing we can think of, we can at least make it as easy as possible for ourselves to learn all of the information, and that’s where making good exam revision notes comes in.

There’s nothing worse than trying to cram for an exam the night before, only to have to start sorting out exactly what information you have to learn, and that is why having well thought-out, well-organised exam revision notes will be a really big help come those last-minute revision sessions.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help bring your revision game to the top of the class.

Make it fun

Exam revision notes don’t need to be black ink on a plain white page, so why not bring your revision notes to life with coloured paper, coloured pens, highlighters and even stickers to make things a bit more fun? Not only that but the process and colours also helps the information to be absorbed.

Forget long paragraphs

Notes should look like notes, not novels! Use bullet points, tables, graphs and sketches to make your notes more interactive and memorable. Big chunks of text and long, winding paragraphs are easily forgettable, so why not mix things up a bit?

Add arrows to show links between topics, bubbles to highlight sections of textbooks and colour coordination means you can mentally keep track of what answers relate to what questions.

Organise You Exam Revision Notes

When it comes to revising for lots of different topics at once, it’s important to organise your exam revision notes into a manageable and easy to understand system so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Whether this organisation process is making a large poster for each individual topic that you can easily consult to test yourself or segregating each topic into its own folder or file, just make sure that you use a system that works for you. Likewise, it’s important to organise any subtopics by using headers and keywords that will trigger more information whenever you need it.

Use Post-It notes

Post-It notes are a great way to up your exam revision notes and to take your revision outside of your standard study area. You can put Post-It notes anywhere, and use them to test yourself on different subjects no matter what else you might be doing. Stick a few to the mirror in your bathroom so you can practice exam answers while you brush your teeth, or stick one inside your wardrobe so you can recite the main points while you get dressed in the morning. Before you know it, you’ll have aced these areas by the end of the week!

We hope you find our tips useful. If you’d like more information on how Oxford College of Marketing can help you achieve success in your CIM examinations, get in touch with one our student support representatives on +44 (0)1865 515255 or email enquiries@oxfordpeg.com

Good luck with your exams!