In this blog post, we speak to Oxford College of Marketing Graduate Matthew Cayless about his experiences in gaining his CIM qualification and how his career has excelled since. 

In 2010 I enrolled onto a CIM Digital Marketing course. Back then I didn’t fully appreciate or know what opportunities might come from studying and earning a CIM qualification in marketing. However, 7 years on, I have worked for Digital marketing agencies both small and large. From small boutiques to large internationals, working on campaigns for world renowned brands such as Barclays, Lacoste and TalkTalk.

In 2016, I co-founded ‘Bubblegum Search’ my own SEO Agency in Surrey. Helping small & medium size businesses increase website traffic and sales.

What made you choose Oxford College of Marketing as a study provider?

Right from the start, I found the Oxford College of Marketing to be highly efficient. During the preliminary stages, the support team were always on hand to help answer all my questions, guiding me through every aspect of enrollment. 

I also had a chance to meet up with my course leader before I made my final decision and this really gave me full confidence to enrol with the Oxford College of Marketing.

What are your memories of the teaching you received?

The teachers were great, always taking the time to ensure all the concepts were fully understood. Any time I didn’t understand something, it was no trouble for the tutor to go over parts in more detail. I also remember being involved in many group tasks, this helped a lot when it came to the sharing of ideas or simply interacting and integrating into college life.

What opportunities do you think can be related to gaining your CIM qualification?

Being CIM qualified helped earn my place and acceptance on a Digital Marketing internship, something that was highly competitive.

What did the qualification give you in terms of opening doors for employment and also salary increase?

Having both a CIM qualification and industry experience, lead to the successful application and interview for my first paid role in a large Digital Agency. This allowed me to get my foot in the door and work my way up several positions. Having a strong renowned qualification such as CIM on my CV definitely gave me the confidence to raise my salary expectations at each level, something that I otherwise wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.

What advice would you give to prospective students who wanted to study for a CIM qualification?

Marketing is all about networking and building your own brand, and it begins the moment you enrol on your course. So, the best advice I could give to any prospective student is to interact and engage with everyone in your class or on your course. Not only can you help support each other but you never know where people may end up and who they will work for. Some of my best opportunities have come from people who I know, referring me to companies, agencies, recruitment workers etc.

Matthew Cayless is an SEO Consultant & Digital Marketing Expert. You can follow & tweet him anytime here.

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