Join us on 24 March at 12.30pm (GMT) for our latest practical marketing webinar and find out how the evolution of internet connectivity is changing the global economy, shaping the next phase of digital transformation.

During this insightful webinar, Digital Transformation Expert Prosper Williams, will provide a guide to Networks, Platforms and the Networked Economy, to ensure you are ready for the next phase of digital transformation.

This webinar will look at:

  • What connectivity fundamentally does, how it will shape digital agendas of tomorrow and the new way of thinking needed to solve the business challenges of today.
  • The difference between connected and traditional academy businesses.
  • How to leverage data from connected systems to drive improvements and efficiencies.
  • How organisations can use networks, platforms and data to improve the customer experience.

Prosper Williams has worked in Finance, Retail, Consulting and Events Management as well as sitting on the Leadership Advisory Boards for both the Chartered Institute of Management and British Academy of Management. He has an instinct for how connected systems work and is currently helping Barclays with their digital transformation journey.

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