Exams can be a daunting prospect for many students. Revision can be hard and you may be struggling to know how to prepare effectively. This is why we’ve put together our top revision tips to help you achieve success in your Chartered Institue of Marketing exams.

Organise yourself

It’s important to start your revision early to avoid cramming later. CIM publish their exam dates a year in advance, so you can easily plan your revision ahead of time. Being prepared will reduce pressure and give you enough time to go through key areas in detail.

Plan your revision time

Planning your revision time can help avoid procrastination and distractions. One of our top revision tips is to break your time up into bite-sized chunks of about an hour to make each session manageable. Stay focused within each revision session by setting out what you want to achieve each time.

Make notes

Making notes is an important part of your exam revision. Notes can help memorise the important information you’ll need for the exam. Make sure they are not too lengthy, simple summaries and diagrams will make information easier to remember. Don’t spend too long writing your notes that you run out of time to then revise them!

Know the syllabus

Make sure you know the areas you could be examined on by downloading a copy of the syllabus. Ensure you understand and revise each element of the syllabus before your exam. One of our revision tips is to use the syllabus as a checklist as part of your exam preparation.

Practice makes perfect

A must for any revision is to practice using past papers and questions. This will help you understand what to expect in the exam and test how well your revision is going. The Oxford College of Marketing provides all students the opportunity to submit a mock exam that is then marked by a tutor. We also produce exam packs for each CIM examination-based module, which can be accessed for free.

Read Examiners reports

A good exam revision tip is to access previous examiners reports that are available. These will detail what the examiner expects and can help you avoid making similar mistakes in your exam. They can often provide useful tips such as how answers should be structured as well as highlighting areas of weakness. You can access CIM past papers through your MyCIM login.

Reward yourself

Make sure you take regular breaks and reward yourself for completing part of your revision. Rewards could be an evening out, watching TV or even just some nice food. It’s important to ensure you pace yourself with revision – taking regular breaks is proven to help engage your brain in the long run!

We hope you find these exam revision tips useful. If you’d like more information on how Oxford College of Marketing can support you in your CIM examinations, just get in touch with one our student support representatives. You can call them on +44 (0)1865 515255 or email enquiries@oxfordpeg.com

Remember: think positive and try to relax. Good Luck!