There has been some stigma in the past attached to distance (or online) learning. However, with advancements in technology and improvements to the way distance learning is structured, it is now a viable and often preferred learning method.

So why is distance learning a popular choice?

  1. More Efficient Learning

Traditional learning usually involves sitting in a classroom for extended periods of time. This is actually not the most effective way to learn, as the brain needs regular breaks and we all have different learning styles to take into account.

Distance learning allows you to take in the information in a way that best suits your own learning style and enables you to maximise the effectiveness of your study time, taking breaks when it suits you and fitting study around your schedule.

  1. More Variety

There are a wide variety of subjects available for online study. Many niche subjects, which don’t get enough footfall in universities and colleges, are still made available through distance learning.

  1. More Flexibility

There is no strict 9-5 Monday to Friday class times. You can simply pick up classwork and study sessions whenever you have a free moment, no matter how busy your schedule may be!

  1. Learn at YOUR Pace

We all learn at different rates, which can be a setback of traditional education for many students. With distance learning, you choose the pace of learning and can work through classes and assignments at a rate that suits your own learning speed.

  1. It Costs Less

Traditional classroom education costs much more that online learning. That’s because they have to pay for physical spaces, full time staff and tutors, resources and more. With online learning, you take away the need for the physical elements, meaning the education providers saves money and this saving is reflected in the much lower tuition costs.

  1. No Commuting

Without the need to head to a classroom for your sessions, you take away the need for travel. You can save time and money on commuting costs by working through your classes and work in your own home or workplace.

  1. Prestigious Professors

Distance learning allows you to learn from the best. Prestigious speakers and experts often produce content and resources for online courses, something you wouldn’t necessarily have access to in a traditional classroom.

Distance learning has come a long way and in recent years it has become the learning method of choice for students of all ages. At Oxford College of Marketing we find more and more students are finding the benefits of distance learning, as it enables them to take a course they may not have previously had time or enough funding to complete.

If you would like to find out more about distance learning with Oxford College of Marketing, please call 01865 515 255 or email You can also find out more by visiting our website, where you can sign up for a free trial of our unique online learning system.