Daktari is a registered non-profit company located in South Africa close to the Kruger National Park. The project site is situated in a 600 hectares private game reserve. The objective is to inspire and educate local underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage.
Every Monday Daktari welcomes a new group of 8 local under-privileged children for a week and gives them the opportunity to discover, learn and become passionate about wildlife, conservation and their environmental heritage. The organization also supplements their school curriculum in English, math’s, sciences, geography, life skills and social issues.

The goal is to enable today’s local underprivileged children to eventually be able to secure good employment in nature reserves, thereby improving their future and quality of life.





PURPOSE: To manage the day-to-day marketing tasks across all platforms including social media, the website and specific umbrella organisations as well as working on strategic campaigns throughout the year to boost fundraising, awareness, partnerships and the recruitment of volunteers.

TASK 1: Website and Email marketing
• Continually update web content as needed

• Continually manage and update the blog section with relevant news

• Update banner image on homepage to reflect current campaign

• Check the website analytics every Friday

• Perform of a back up of the website once a month

• Add any new contacts to the data base (Mad Mimi)

• Send E-blasts (using MadMimi) to the database to support initiatives

TASK 2: Social Media
• Manage the Facebook page daily, checking notifications and messages

• Respond to all comments on the Facebook page

• Post at least every other day on the Facebook page

• Share the latest news and campaigns on the Facebook page

• Replace the banner image monthly

• Manage the twitter page daily, checking notifications and messages

• Re-tweet and respond to all interactions as necessary

• Tweet once a week or replicate your post on Facebook

• Take time to network with others and look out for opportunities

• Keep the YouTube channel up to date with new video clips

• Continue to share the YouTube across various channels

TASK 3: Umbrella Organisation (Global Giving)
• Manage all incoming donations and send thank you messages

• Write reports for all projects as notified

• Update and create new micro projects as necessary

• Look out for upcoming webinars and training

• Look out for fundraising initiatives like matching funds and competitions

• Continue to nurture our existing relationship with Global Giving

TASK 4: Newsletter
• Prepare the newsletter using PowerPoint every three months

• Upload the final presentationto SlideShare

• Send the Slide Share presentation to the database using MadMimi

• Share the link to Slide Share presentation on the blog, tag ‘newsletters’

• Share the link to Slide Share presentation across social media

TASK 5: Events and Partnerships
• Plan, manage and coordinate events throughout the year

• Consider attending local festivals

• Consider exhibiting outside Pick n Pay or Woolworths

• Maintain and nurture all existing partnerships that we have such as; My School – My Village – My Planet

• Develop new partnerships and initiatives throughout the year
TASK 6: PR and Advertising
• Write and submit press releases to our local news papers covering any worthy news stories

• Continue to look for new newspapers to contact and work with

• Lookout for discounted or free advertising opportunities
TASK 7: Multimedia
• Continue to take photographs of all new animals as they arrive, any new enclosures or anything fun and exciting happening around the camp – or special events like animal releases

• Manage all photography with iPhoto and export the necessary shots into the PHOTOS folder

• Use Adobe Fireworks to edit, manipulate and create graphics for use on the website, social media and to support campaigns

• Use iMovie to develop short video clips of life in and around camp for use on YouTube and social media TASK 8: Promotional Items

• Keep the display cabinet fresh and up to date • Work with Director to replenish stock as it runs out

• Work with Director to source new items as required and manage the process from start to finish


• Directors

• Long-term volunteers

• Short-term volunteers

• Children

‘• Animals

• Director (Michèle Merrifield)


• Speak and write English efficiently

• Previous marketing experience or degree in the field

• Knowledge of social media, online marketing and email marketing

• To be confident with website content management in Joomla

• To be confident with Adobe fireworks or Photoshop

• To be confident with the use of Mac computers

• To be confident in the production of short video

The project is in the middle of the bush. There is no electricity in the camp but Daktari has solar power and internet for the needs of the computers. You will live in a very family atmosphere and in a beautiful area. You must be able to adapt to group life and to be away from the city.
Many challenge will occur as the days are never the same. In many occasions, you will be in contact with under-privileged children who have not the same culture as yours. You must be an understanding and adaptable person.
As mentioned above, you will work from Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day. Everyday Saturday, any volunteer can go to town to do shopping, enjoy a lunch in a restaurant, visit the Khamai Reptile Park. Daktari also proposes extra-mural trips as visiting the famous Kruger National Park, the Blyde River Canyon etc.
You will be accommodated in a chalet or in a room in the director’s house. The accommodations are based on the project site, in a 600 hectares private game reserve. There is no electricity on the farm but we have solar power for the need of the computers, refrigeration, lighting, laundry etc.
The rooms/chalets are basic but very confortable. We try to give as much privacy as possible to longterm volunteers but you might have to share a room with other volunteers. Your laundry is done for you and you will have Internet access at a minimal fee for your private use. The rooms have toilets and shower with hot water.
There are animal’s camps around the camp and you must be prepared to be in contact with them. There are also wild animals in the private game reserve.
The volunteer will not be responsible for the food expenses, accommodation and travel costs for work purposes.

You will be required to pay R 1 000 per month in advance (R 12 000 for 12 months). Daktari will refund you the full amount at a rate of R 1 000 per month. However, if you decide to cut short your stay, Daktari will keep the amount for the non-honored months. For example, if you stay six months instead of 12 months Daktari will keep R 6 000.

For the extra-mural trips organized during weekends, you will have to pay for your entrance fees and participate to the fuel expenses. You pay for you own lunch when you join the volunteers on Saturday in town.

We request that you take a week off every second month. Therefore you will have to budget for this expense. (e.g. Accommodation, food, transport)

There is no car available at Daktari for your private transport.

Daktari recommends the volunteer to arrive the Saturday in Hoedspruit airport where the organization is able to pick her/him up.

If you have your own vehicle, you can arrive independently at Daktari.

Daktari hopes that this position will meet your expectations and looks forward to hearing from you.


If interested, please contact Michele Merrifield at with cv and motivation letter.