So you are at that stage in your career when it’s time to take the next step. Maybe you have just finished studying or have spent a few years gaining experience at your current level. So how do you progress?

A job search seems like the natural starting point when looking to move on in your career, but there is actually some groundwork that needs to be done before you even begin looking at vacancies.

You need to consider the following points to get your job search off the best possible start:

  1. What are your career goals?

It’s always good to have goals in mind when planning to do anything, as they give you a clear end point to work towards.

When looking at jobs, you need to consider where the jobs you are looking at fit into your career progression plan. Will this vacancy open new doors and help you to gain new experience? Could a sideways or even backward step help fill in gaps in your current work experience and therefore get you on track to reach your career goals?

  1. What values are a priority for you at the moment?

Some people choose a new opportunity based on the chance of progression in the company, others based on the money offered or the way the company works.

We all have different reasons for working in the roles and companies that we do, so you need to consider what reasons matter most to you currently. What is your reason for leaving your current employment? Are you willing to take a pay cut for more promotion opportunities? Are you willing to go for a vastly different work environment if the money offered is higher?

  1. Is your CV relevant enough?

You probably already have in mind a few roles that you would like to look for in your job search. You may have chosen these roles because they are the next step up from what you are currently doing or because they have more attractive salaries/responsibilities. But you need to consider, particularly if these roles are higher than your current level, how relevant your CV is to the new roles.

Do you have enough experience and skills relevant to the new responsibilities you would be expected to undertake? Is your education level high enough for these roles or would you need to gain more qualifications/top up your existing ones?

You may need to gain some more experience in your own time or in your current position in order to add relevant skills/experience to your CV before applying for new roles.


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