In the digital age, it is easier than ever to access high quality courses via online learning. Gone are the days when you had to enrol in full or part time university or college courses to gain a recognisable qualification to forward your career. You can now access highly regarded courses online, making learning much more flexible and less costly than traditional methods.

There are some concerns over online learning, with the most common issue being the lack of face to face and structured tuition. However, online courses have come a long way since they began and you will now find they offer a much more interactive experience than ever before.

Here are 6 of the main reasons why online learning is becoming a popular choice for today’s marketing professionals:

  1. There’s a Variety of Courses Available

The variety of specialisms and levels available online is immense. It allows anyone to study whatever they choose at whatever certification level, without the need for travelling to gain access.

  1. The Course Fees and Costs Are Lower

Studying online can be a much cheaper alternative to traditional study. University fees have risen significantly in the UK and it’s becoming more difficult to gain funding.  Online programs can be a more affordable option than traditional colleges.

You can also save significantly on associated costs such as travel and accommodation, as online learning allows you to study wherever you are in your own time, fitting around a full time job if required.

  1. It’s Flexible and Convenient

Online courses allow you to study anytime and anywhere in the world. You can study around your full time job and gain experience/earn a wage while you study. You can fit study around even the most hectic lifestyle, with 24/7 telephone support offered (by Oxford College of Marketing) so that no matter when you are studying you will always have support on hand if you are struggling with anything.

  1. You May Get Employer Funding

In many cases, employers will fund an online course as part of your development as an employee. Many of our marketing course students have their learning funded by the company they work for. This is because gaining the qualification will benefit the company, as it means their employee gains valuable skills and knowledge to progress in their ranks and perform well. It also benefits the student, as they can expand their career options and open new doors.

  1. It’s Faster Than University

Traditional university courses take around 3 years to complete, or longer if the course it taken as a part time program. This is often not the case with online learning, as you choose how quickly you learn and how soon you enter yourself for assessment. Many of our marketing course students gain their CIM Certificate or Diploma in Professional Marketing within as little as one year.

  1. It Opens Doors For International Study

With online learning, you can study highly regarded courses from around the world without the need to travel. Oxford College of Marketing have students from across the globe studying via our Distance Learning program, allowing international students to gain CIM, CAM, UCI and ISMM marketing and sales qualifications.


Would you like to learn more about studying online with Oxford College of Marketing? You can find out more about our Distance Learning program on our website, or call our helpful team on 01865 515 255.