LinkedIn is a powerful resource for connecting and building relationships with key players and peers in your industry. Whether you are looking for your next career move, want to boost awareness of your own company/work or would like to find new collaboration opportunities, LinkedIn is the place to be.

But a lot of users are still not getting the most out of the professional network. Simply posting isn’t enough, you need to start engaging! It doesn’t take much of your time; it can be done in as little as 10 minutes per day. It’s easy to do and will help you to get a lot more out of your network.

Here’s 9 simple ways you can start engaging with your connections on LinkedIn:

  1. Share others’ sontent and give them a mention

While scrolling through the news feed, there can be some really great articles/videos and more that would be useful to your network. If you see something of interest, use the Share button and give the person who posted it a mention so that they get the credit.

This means you are sharing some great, diverse content and also opening yourself up to a new network; that of the person you tagged in the status!

  1. Comment On Updates From Your Network

Again, scrolling through the news feed you will find many updates are of interest to you. If they aren’t something you necessarily want to share, you could still add a comment just to let the poster know that you found it interesting.

Depending on the topic matter, there may be a discussion going on in the comments. If so, why not join in and add your view? If not, is there the possibility of opening a discussion up?

  1. Join a LinkedIn Group and get active in discussions

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to find others who are in the same industry or interested in the same specialism. By going onto the Groups menu (under the Interests tab on your LinkedIn profile) you can browse all the recent discussions in all your groups on the Groups News Feed.

If any topics catch your eye, join the discussion and you will increase your visibility to those in the group as well as demonstrating your knowledge on the subject at hand. Have a look at who else is commenting, could they be a useful new connection?

Do you have an idea or article that could spark a new discussion? Share it in a relevant group!

  1. Comment on profile changes, like new profile pictures

When people change their new profile picture, this is a great opportunity to get noticed by them and their network by commenting. Compliments are also a great way to build/keep relationships.

  1. Say ‘Congratulations’ when someone gets a new job

When your connections update their current job, you will receive a notification. Double check on their profile that this a real job change and not just an edit to their current job title!

If the job change is a real one, say ‘Congratulations’.

  1. Share your own content with your network

When you publish a new blog post or create a new video or infographic, don’t forget to share it with your connections. This will get you noticed and may get conversations going in the comments, as well as demonstrating your industry knowledge.

  1. Wish your connections a ‘Happy Birthday’

LinkedIn can now notify you when someone in your network has a birthday. This way you can stay in touch by sending them a birthday message.

  1. Thank people for endorsements and recommendations

Endorsements may get mixed reviews, with many people finding them a bit superficial. But the fact is, some people use them to engage with other users, so you should too. One way to do this is to publically thank people for their endorsements.

The same can be done for recommendations too!

What ways do YOU engage with your network on LinkedIn? Share them with us on Twitter, @OXCOM_Marketing or find us on LinkedIn!