Brand reputation and getting people talking about your brand has always been important. Even before influential digital channels such as social media and blogs came about, people have listened to what other people say.

We are all influenced by what others think about products and services because, let’s face it, the best way to know if something works is to use it. Reviews, recommendations, shares, testimonials, all these things contribute towards your customers making a decision about your brand.

So how do you get people to talk about your brand and spread the positive word?

  1. Say/Do Something Exciting and Interesting

What this interesting thing happens to be will all depend on who your audience is and what excites them.

Competitions, sharing humorous or serious content, creating an eye catching video, arrange an event or PR stunt, anything and everything could be considered interesting! It’s all about knowing what will trigger that ‘That’s interesting, I want to share that with people’ reaction from your target audience.

  1. Do Something To Provoke Emotions

Emotion is a powerful tool in marketing; use it wisely. What you do will depend on the ethos of your brand and what your audience feels strongly about on an emotional level.

If your brand is fun and light hearted, you could do something humorous. Create a funny video or image, pull a comedy stunt or arrange a family fun-day.

If your brand is more sophisticated, you could consider what charities your audience would donate to and arrange some form of event/campaign linked to raising money whilst also promoting awareness of your brand.

  1. Ask The Right Questions

Sometimes, getting people to engage with your brand isn’t just about telling them about yourselves, it’s about asking them about what they think/feel. Offering your audience the chance to voice their thoughts and feelings on any number of topics can encourage brand loyalty and therefore encourage them to recommend your company.

You could ask their thoughts on something to do with your brand; e.g. let the audience chose your new logo design or make suggestions for a new product. Or you could ask their thoughts on a topic that interests them and links to your brand in some way; e.g. current news, politics, industry news,

  1. Get Industry Influencers On Board

There are people that will be influential among your industry and/or in the eyes of your audience. This could be celebrities, experts, bloggers, anyone in the public eye in some way. If you can get some of these influential people to talk about your brand, then you are likely to get those who listen to them talking too.


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