Content is king. Which means brands need to be churning out a steady flow of interesting content on a regular basis to grab the attention of their target audience and stay above water in the sea that is Google Search. But how do you keep the creative ideas flowing? Here are 6 simple ways to generate content ideas fast:

  1. Do Some Recycling

One of the first places you should look for new content ideas is at your old content!

What pieces of content went down particularly well this time last year, or even over the last quarter? Is the subject matter something you can revisit with a new angle? Could you use the same information to turn that blog post into an eye-catching video or infographic?

Once a piece of content has been used, that doesn’t mean it is finished with! Old content can generate new ideas and part of the work is already done for you!

  1. See What’s Trending

There is no more up-to-date indication of what is getting people talking than the ‘trending’ section of social media sites.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn all have their own sections dedicated to what the world/your own network are talking about currently, so why not browse these sections and see what you might be able to use to fuel your next content piece?]

  1. See What The Industry Are Buzzing About

Don’t stop with your customers; check out what other industry experts are talking about!

If there is a buzz around a particular subject matter, take a look at what everyone else is writing/sharing about it and consider what angle you might be able to take on it.

Try to differ your angle to everyone else’s and offer something new/different that people might not have already known or considered about the topic.

  1. Get Some Heads Together

Ask your colleagues or team to sit down with you for a brainstorming session. The more people involved, the more ideas tend to be developed.

People tend to bounce off each other, so each person’s ideas might fuel everyone else’s creativity. You could end up with the next 24 months’ worth of content from one meeting!

  1. Ask An Expert To Contribute

Guest posts are a great way to mix things up and get some fresh content from a reputable source. Reach out to your contacts or make some new ones and ask if anyone is interested in guest posting around a particular topic.

Guest posting can also open doors for your own team to share content on other sites, as you are doing your contacts a favour by hosting their content and they will often offer the same in return.

  1. Ask The Audience

It’s such a simple idea but a lot of people never think to simply ask the people they are writing for what they would actually like to know about!

Try sharing a post on social media asking your network if there is any topic or angle on a subject that they would be interested to find out more about. You would be surprised at how your audience will respond. People like to feel their voice is heard and this can create brand loyalty as you are listening to your audience.

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