In sales, first impressions are everything, not just for the customer but for the sales person also.

There are two ways in which sales people assess a situation; intuitively and deliberatively. The former is based on the very first impression, where as the second is based on the interaction with the customer.

A study found that sales people who use intuition over deliberation were able to make better judgements about the customer’s needs and complete the sales process faster.

So how can sales people make the most of their intuition to improve effectiveness and efficiency in their selling?

  1. Don’t Overthink It

Tuning into your sales intuition means turning off the thinking part of your brain. The more you think about the situation, the more the less strength your intuition has.

It could be argued, however, that good intuition comes with experience. A seasoned sales person is bound to have more of an eye for a typical type of customer than a new person. With experience, you learn to pick up on certain tells and vibes from the various types of customer. Their appearance is just the very beginning.

  1. Take An ‘Empathetic’ View

When assessing the customer, it’s important to take an empathetic view towards them when assessing their needs.

Take into account their current emotions by observing their body language, tone of voice and other clues.

We often think empathy is something you are either good at or you aren’t, but in fact it can be learned. The best way to improve your empathetic view of things is with practice.

Start looking out for behavioural cues and body language tells that give away a person’s mood. Then, see how this can be applied to the current context, i.e. what they are here to buy and why.

Once you begin to pick up on these, you can use it to make an instant judgement on your customer and adjust your selling approach accordingly.

  1. Remember, The Customer Has Intuition Too

The first impression a sales person makes on the customer most often has a large impact on the customer’s final buying decision.

Customers will automatically and often subconsciously gauge their purchase based on the feeling they get from the sales person. That’s where point number 2 comes in.

Displaying empathy towards the customer’s current mood and demonstrating an understanding of their needs creates a good first impression.

This will stick in their mind and make the customer more open to the sales person’s pitch and will make them more likely to buy from them; because they like them and feel a connection.

Often people are sceptical about the use of intuition in sales. It should best stressed that deliberative thought isn’t discouraged. In fact, when applied together, intuition and deliberation can provide successful results. However, intuition should never be underestimated. It’s a power resource that plays on basic instinct and is highly valuable in the field of sales.