Content marketing is more than just a buzz word. Companies are now realising its potential and discovering its power as a marketing strategy. But what makes a successful content strategy?

Clearly Defined Targets

Knowing who you are targeting is the first and most important part of any marketing strategy and content marketing is no exception. The people you are trying to reach with your content will define the content itself as well as where and when you share it.

Many content strategies make the mistake of trying to be too broad with their reach. Covering one customer segment per content strategy will help you to perfect your strategy. Focus on that one, main customer persona and aim to please them. The rest will fall into place.

A Contextual Understanding Of Your Audience

In order for your content to resonate with and influence your audience, you need to understand what drives them to buy.

This comes from having a contextual understanding of their situation; what motivates them and what holds them back from making purchases, what role do they play in the buying process, what do they require from you to drive them to buy and prevent them being held back?

Clear Goals

As well as knowing who you are targeting, it’s important to know what you want your audience to do when they interact with your content.

How you want to influence the audience will determine what form your content takes (i.e. blog post, image, video, etc.), what the angle of the content will be and when and where you post it.

Not only will clear goals help to focus your content marketing strategy, they will also give you something to monitor and measure to determine how successful it is.

Metrics To Measure

Based on the goals of your content marketing strategy, you will be able to determine which metrics you should be measuring to define the success of your content strategy.

Focus on metrics at each stage of your content strategy, from delivery right thought to interaction and follow-through, to get as much data as possible to work with.

Use the data you have to then determine what the strengths of your content strategy were, and where it could be improved for next time.

Final thoughts

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