Sales and marketing have always been at odds with each other in the past. But in this day and age it is more important than ever to bring the two teams together to create more powerful, targeting sales and marketing strategies.

Here’s 4 tips for aligning the two sides to create one powerful team effort:

  1. Align Your Objectives

For sales and marketing to work well together, it’s important to be both working towards the same targets. Therefore, agreeing some mutual objectives will help to lead the ideas and efforts from both teams in the same direction.

One that are best met when aligned is the financial target; i.e. increasing the company’s revenue is a mutual objective of both sales and marketing teams. Another mutual objective is the type of customer you are both targeting. It’s far less effective if the marketing team is targeting one buying persona and the sales team another.

  1. Agree On Responsibilities

When it comes to sales and marketing alignment, it’s important to clearly outline who is responsible for what throughout the entire lead lifecycle.

The lead lifecycle gives you a path to follow, but each milestone still need to be worked on by one team or the other, or maybe both! When two teams combine, it’s easy to pass the responsibility, so clearly defining who does what and holding people accountable for tasks helps create structure for the team’s combined efforts.

  1. Offer Crossover Training

Sales and marketing teams often don’t fully understand the work each other is doing, despite having very similar goals.

It can be beneficial to offer some insight or even crossover training to sales and marketing team members to bring them up to speed with how the other team works. Having a better understanding will help them to contribute more ideas and combine their efforts more effectively.

  1. Hold Regular Joint Team Meetings

When working together, communication is everything. It’s vitally important that both sales and marketing know what is expected of them and what the other team are working on/how this impacts their work.

It can also beneficial to appoint a joint team head of operations to lead these meetings and bring both sides together. Choosing a team member from either team who is cooperative and open to the alignment will help to bridge the gap between the two teams.