Resolutions aren’t just for making at the start of a new year. Making mid-year resolutions reminds you what you have achieved already this year and, more importantly, what you have yet to achieve.

Setting yourself some new resolutions will help to refresh your outlook on your job search and give you a new focus to help you find new and better career opportunities. Here are our 5 recommended mid-year resolutions for job hunters:

  1. Do more networking, both on and offline.

Networking should play a large role in the savvy job hunter’s life. If you don’t get out there, both physically and digitally, then you won’t get yourself noticed by the employers you want to work for. But your peer competitors, those going after similar positions to yourself, will.

Attending networking events in the local area of the employer you are aiming to work for will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and chat informally about your interest in the company.

You can also connect with potential employers and recruiters online, particularly using professional networks such as LinkedIn. This gives you information about the company and the person you are looking to connect with prior to your interaction with them. Give yourself a heads up by getting to know more about them and their company before introducing yourself!

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  1. Marketing yourself better

Think of trying to get a job in the same way you think of selling a product or service. You are essentially selling yourself as an attribute to a company and you need to grab the employer’s attention from the get go!

Do you clearly and quickly across what you can bring to the company in your ‘marketing material’ (i.e. CV, LinkedIn page, personal website, pitch, applications, etc.)?

If you were an employer looking at your CV or LinkedIn page for the first time, would the information grab you and does anything stand out, good or bad? Try to think of the employer as your target audience and cater the material to their wants, needs and expectations.

  1. Set yourself targets

It can often help to manage your job search time better if you set yourself interim goals ahead of the obvious end goal, getting a new job!

Aim to make a connection with a certain number of employers within a 48 hour period.

Within the week, you may then want to aim to reach out and introduce/further expand on your previous chat with these new connected employers.

It is also good to aim to get to 1 or 2 networking events per month if time permits, as face to face meetings are a great way to build rapport with new contacts.

The job search can be a time consuming and stressful process, but with the right focus and time management you can make the most of your job hunt and open new doors in no time. It’s always good to have some form of plan in place to keep a job hunt on track; why not read our article on creating a professional development plan for yourself?