Content marketing is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing right now, and it cannot be ignored how important and influential it can be when done right.

But what makes a content marketing campaign a success?

  1. An Obvious Purpose

From the outset, it is important to know what the purpose of the campaign is. Do you want to achieve more sales or attain more leads? Or simply promote brand awareness? Knowing what you want to get out of the content marketing campaign will help to shape the content and help you to measure success.

  1. An Understanding Of The Audience

Successful content is always written with the audience in mind. What do they want to know and what topics strike them as interesting? The language, tone, subject matter and angle of the content should always be determined by what the audience would most want to read and share with their peers.

  1. A Clear Call To Action

What puts marketing into content marketing? The call to action! What that call to action is all depends on what the purpose of the content is, but the call to action should clearly drive the reader in the direction the content intends for them to go.

This could be showing them where they can purchase the product being discussed in the content or where they can sign up to the service mentioned. Or it could be as simple as asking them to share the content with their friends if they found it useful if the purpose of the content is to promote brand awareness.  Whatever the purpose, call the audience to action and if the content has done its job they will follow your lead.

  1. An Interesting Format

Depending on what the target audience respond best too, content marketing should take more than one form. Infographics and images, videos, blog posts and articles, presentations and e-books are just some of the popular forms used to create successful and diverse content marketing campaigns.

However, don’t focus too much on trying to produce different forms of content and let hinder the creativeness of your content. It may not always be plausible to create a video or a presentation or an e-book, so just focus on creating content on a regular basis in whatever forms suit your audience, time limitations and budget.


There is a lot more to a successful content marketing campaign than meets the eye and much more than can be fitted into one blog post. However, focusing on the four factors mentioned in this article will give you the basis for creating a strong content marketing campaign; the rest is up to you.

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