closing salesIn today’s technology-led society, buyers are doing their own research into the products and services they are considering before they even reach a sales person.

This means that the sales person of 2015 needs to adapt their approach to closing sales.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

It seems an obvious one to begin with, but never underestimate the power of practice. Every time you experience a selling situation, whether you close the deal or not, you should always evaluate what you did.

You can learn a lot from each sale you make or lose, no matter how many years you have been in the business! As society changes, so does the way we sell, so keep learning what your weaknesses and strengths are and adapt your approach to close more sales.

2. Be Prepared To Invest

Your sales team are only as good as the training/resources you provide them with.

Investing in technologies that will aid them in the sales process and in training that will develop their skills will show a return in the form of more, higher value sales being closed.

3. Use Incentives To Drive The Right Behaviours

Incentives, such as commission and target driven bonuses, are a common way to boost the efforts of sales teams.

A well designed incentive plan that takes into account what drives your sales people and what behaviours they need to focus on will drive them in the right direction and increase their performance.

You may find that different people are driven by different motives, so consider creating unique incentives for different groups or individuals to get the most out of each sales person.

4. Take More Time To Listen To The Client

Whether you are nervous and tend to speed talk your way through your sales pitch instantly or so confident that you dive straight in without a second thought, you could be missing out on vital information from the prospect.

Most sales people are scared of leaving a silent moment during a pitch with a client. But a little silence isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Leaving gaps for the client to process what has already been said and talk themselves will often result in them bringing up any concerns they have or challenges they are facing.

Listening to the client then allows you to then come in and tell them how your products/services will help them to overcome those challenges and quash their concerns.

Sales people face more and more challenges as society and technology evolve, but embracing the change and actively working to overcome the new challenges faced will make your sales team indestructible and will help you smash your sales targets for 2015 and beyond!