Contrary to popular belief, keyword research does not devoid copy of creativity and flow. Quite the opposite; keyword research can provide insight into the topics that are most talked about and searched for by the target audience as well as boosting the SEO benefits of the content when shared online.

Finding The Right Keyword Balance

In recent years, Google have placed emphasis on the importance of quality content that is written for primary purpose of being read by interested internet users, with SEO being a secondary thought. The punishment of websites that used low quality, keyword-saturated content written solely to drive search traffic has lead to a skewed belief that keywords are now creativity killers and shouldn’t be taken into account when creating content.

However, ignoring keywords can be as damaging to search engine optimisation efforts as focusing too heavily on them.

The key to using keywords effectively in content is to find the right keywords (or phrases) that both compliment the subject that the content is focusing on and are popular enough search terms for the topic in question.

So how do you find these perfectly balanced keywords and phrases? Through keyword research.

How To Research Keywords

When beginning keyword research, you first need to establish some prospective keywords, which can be found using any number of tools. We recommend using the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool as it is free and easy to navigate.

Using the Google Adwords keyword research tool, search words and phrases that are relevant to your content/brand (or simply search your company’s website address) and the tool will suggest keywords and phrases based on their relevance and the amount of competition. The keyword tool also gives information on locations of particular search terms and their popularity. These factors impact their effectiveness in getting your content ranked on Google Search.

There is no perfect formula for choosing a keyword or phrase based on volume of search or competition for rankings. Choosing a higher search volume and competitive keyword will mean more effort is needed to get a high ranking and remain in that position, which is why many people tend to choose keywords with lower competition and volume. This can boost SEO short term, but may not increase the website traffic or quality of visitors in the long term. It’s all about finding a happy medium, which is different for everyone.

Once you start to use the keywords in your content, you can then monitor the trends in search traffic and competitiveness to help further refine your keyword use. Combining research taken from the Adwords keyword tool and your own website data will help you to improve your keyword research by understanding the way your target market use searches.

You won’t see an instant spike in traffic when you first start using keywords, but over time with constant adaptation and continued research you can improve your search engine rankings and search traffic volume/quality by being clever with your keywords.

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