Branding, when done well, is like a company’s fingerprint. It is unique to the business, how we identify it and it is what sets it apart from the competition. Most importantly, it is what reinforces trust between the company and the customer.

But, even with branding playing such an important role in the company’s identity and the customer’s decision making process, so many businesses still do not take the time to ensure it’s branding is consistent, and the effect can be extremely damaging.

The Damaging Effect of Inconsistent Branding

When a company’s branding is inconsistent across their communication methods, it breaks the link that the customer makes in their mind with the brand as they know it and the offer they are currently viewing.

This broken connection is damaging to the customer’s trust in the brand, as they displace this communication because it does not match their expectations of the brand in their mind. This is not only damaging to the success of the particular campaign, but it can also have a lasting impact on the customer’s loyalty and positive connection to the brand.

Ensuring Brand Consistency

Keeping your branding consistent across communication channels strengthens the brand’s image and reinforces the feeling of trust between the company and its customers. Here’s how you can ensure your branding remains consistent across the board:

  • Make sure your logo is clearly displayed in all forms of communications, from social media channels and your website to email and direct mail campaigns. This makes the communication instantly recognisable as your brand and creates a feeling of familiarity for the customer.
  • Have branding guidelines that can be followed when designing new communications. These should include any colours and fonts that should be used, as well as keywords, language, tone of voice and imagery pointers to ensure the brand’s visuals and voice are all in sync.
  • Making sure offers and other marketing all reinforce the unique selling points of the brand will help to set the brand apart in the customer’s mind and remind them what makes the brand the best choice.
  • All communications/offers should compliment and reinforce the brand’s core message and values. This strengthens the brand in the minds of the customers and builds trust.

Consistent and strong branding helps to build trust between your company and the customer, an essential factor in the customer decision making process. Without that feeling of familiarity and trust in the brand, the customer is more likely to look for alternative offers and consider competitors.

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