Innovation is vital to every department of the business in order for it evolve and grow. And while there is no simple switch to turn innovation on and off, there are key drivers that can keep your team’s creative juices flowing and get the cogs turning when needed.

So what drives innovation and how can you use these drivers to boost your department or even your business on the whole?

  1. Nurturing Talent

Everyone has it in them to think creatively and bring ideas to the table, but there will always be those individuals who have a natural talent within their field. Based on the way they think, feel, perform tasks and absorb information they will be the ones who can lead innovation in their chosen area if their talent is nurtured.

  1. Managing Creativity

When a team member comes up with an idea and brings it to their manager, the process of acknowledgement and reward is crucial to further innovation. If individuals and groups feel their ideas are valued and recognised, they are more likely to bring future ideas to the table. Having a set process in place for encouraging and managing creativity will help to keep it flowing and drive innovation.

  1. Building Relationships

The relationship between colleagues as part of the team as well as between them and their managers can impact creativity. A strong working relationship can help to boost creativity and encourage an individual or team to be more forthcoming with their ideas.

In the same way that point two highlights the need for acknowledgement and encouragement, a strong relationship is also needed in order for employees to feel comfortable coming forward and sharing ideas.

  1. Encouraging A Culture of Innovation

Rather than simply acknowledging innovation as and when it occurs on an ad hoc basis, organisations can drive innovation on a constant basis by creating a culture. This means highlighting what significant cultural changes need to be made in company to help innovation become a more regular and natural occurrence.

Consider at what points innovation is typically at its highest currently in the business? What are the common factors that seem to contribute to this boost in creative thinking? And how can this triggers be worked into the culture of the business on a more permanent and regular basis?

Innovation is key to the success of any business and encouraging it with a business isn’t a complicated process. Understanding what drives innovation itself is the key to maintaining a healthy level of it within an organisation. If you would like to learn more about innovation, take a look at our upcoming short courses held at study centres across the UK.