job search tipsThe job market has vastly improved for marketers in 2014 and the New Year promises to be an even better one for those looking to change roles. With new opportunities opening up as we adapt to the ever evolving marketing landscape, it’s a great time to be switching roles or getting a foot in the door in the marketing sector.

Here are our top tips for seeking out and securing those exciting new opportunities in marketing:

  1. Get Connected

The first thing any aspiring marketing professional should be doing is finding out what potential employers’ are up to using social media. Seek out and follow the companies you want to work for; even better, connect with the right individuals within those companies. This will not only give you a constant stream of updates on the company’s activities, it could also allow you to be one of the first to know when an opportunity for you to apply comes available within the company.

Even when there aren’t any job openings, it is still good practice to build a relationship with influential people in the marketing department of the companies. Message them introducing yourself, express your interest in their company and shared interest in marketing, and even ask them for their advice on progressing your career. Networking with the right people can mean when the opportunity arises, you are on their mind and already have a foot in the door.

  1. Search For Skills, Not Job Titles

Too many people get wrapped in the notion that a particular job title means the role is set in stone. The truth is, a job title is just a name but it can actually vary from company to company depending on their requirements. The skills and qualifications needed by one company for a ‘Marketing Executive’ may be very different to another so don’t search for job titles, search for your skills.

Consider your top skills, the ones that you are most confident in. Let those skills be the basis for your job search. Searching for skills should bring up a variety of opportunities, all under different job titles, but all of which are going to be suited to you individually.

  1. Use Social Media In Your Search

Many recruitment companies and employers will get the word out about new openings using social media, as it’s free and fast! That’s why job seekers are increasingly turning to social media to search for jobs before looking to job sites.

With the use of the right hashtags, you can find jobs to suit your skills and qualifications in your specific area within seconds!

  1. Do Your Research

When you come across an opportunity that you want to go for, don’t dive straight in and think about it later. Take the time to properly read and consider what you can bring to the role (this will help with tip 5!). Also, as mentioned in tip 1, it’s good to find out what the company is up to. Do your research and find out what’s currently going on in the company and what direction they are heading in. This will not only help you to decide if these are the right employer for you, it will also help you to further tailor your application.

  1. Keep Applications Relevant

It’s easy when applying for a number of positions to simply send a pre-done CV with a slightly edited cover letter to each company. However, taking the time to read job specification and altering your CV to reflect the skills/experience/qualifications and other relevant information will help to get your CV noticed.

It is also important to tailor the cover letter to the job you are applying for. Try to pick out key words/phrases and requirements from the job specification and summarise in the covering letter how you could fulfil these requirements and what else you could bring to the role (but keep it relevant).