There are literally hundreds of articles out there weighing up the pros and cons of using email marketing and social media. But the big issue with these articles is that they pit the two against each other to find a winner and a loser.

In the current age, where cross channel marketing campaigns are the norm and every digital channel can cause a chain link reaction to conversion at a later stage, there should be no competition necessary.

So how can social media and email marketing work together to form the perfect marketing process?

Lead Generation Via Social Media

Email marketing is great, once you have the list of leads to send campaigns out to.

With social media, you can easily build an audience and start to warm up leads by putting out content, interacting with followers and fans and generate an engaged community.

Twitter’s lead generation cards and Facebook’s varied advertising options, you can not only build social media audience and improve your presence, but simultaneously capture genuinely interested leads to then follow up with further social media engagement and email marketing.

Lead Follow Ups and Re-marketing Via Email

So you captured the leads via social media, now it’s time for a follow up.

You know they are at least at the middle stage of the sales cycle if they have input contact details in order to receive further information from your brand. You also have a good idea of what content engages them based on their interactions with the brand’s social media posts.

You can now use this information to create and send a targeted email campaign that aims to further them in the sales cycle by peaking their desire for your products/services. The content of the email should play on what you have already discovered about their wants/needs and interests based on their social media interactions.

Bringing It Full Circle

Social media isn’t only useful as lead generation tool for your email marketing efforts. It can also be used after the fact to create a loyal community of returning customers by building the customer-brand relationship.

Use your email marketing to encourage further interaction and sharing on social media by including social share buttons on email content, requesting reviews on social media pages once the customer has purchased from you, etc.

Combining your social media and email marketing efforts is a great way to continuously follow leads from the first stage of the sales cycle right through to the aftercare stages.

Rather than having to choose one over the other, social media and email marketing work best when they are unified and when they are used together they can increase the conversion rate and return on investment of both methods.