Graduation ceremonies are always a special day, with emotions running high and so many achievements being recognised.

But at the 2014 CIM graduation ceremony, there were quite a few firsts for us all!

For many of the students graduating, it was their first time around and the day was everything they could have wished for and more.

For one Oxford College of Marketing Student however, the day was an extra special event.

CIM marketing graduation

Pauline Williams, Sangeeta Uppaladinmi, Ranger and Jane Young on CIM graduation day

Sangeeta Uppaladinni is the first visually impaired person to graduate with the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing. Her story is an inspiring and heart warming one, which she tells in her own words for us here.

Sangeeta attended her graduation ceremony with her faithful companion, her guide dog Ranger, who was also the first ever guide dog to attend a CIM graduation ceremony!

CIM marketing graduation

Jane Young, Poonam Doshi and Pauline Williams at the graduation ceremony

Along with Sangeeta, Poonam and Katherine, we had a number of other students graduating on the day who we would like to say congratulations to! You never fail to make us feel immensely proud.

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Would you like to tell the story of how you achieved your goals and gained your qualification? Like Sangeeta, we feel our students past and present all have their own inspiring stories to tell and we would love to feature them! Please contact to be the next ‘Student Spotlight’ feature.