job search hashtagsSocial media has transformed the way we perform a lot of activities, job searching in particular.

In the digital age, getting ahead in the job search doesn’t just mean having a LinkedIn profile and following some employers on Twitter. It means actively following the communities where the best opportunities are found and making the most of social media’s influence in your search.

Hashtags are one of the key tools for any digital job hunter, but with so many varients to consider, how do you know you are following the right ones?  We’ve rounded up the top 5 hashtags that every digital job hunter needs to be taking note of:

  1. #Job, #JobOpening and #JobOpportunity

This might seem quite obvious to start with, especially the #Job, but we can’t stress enough the colossal influence of these simple hashtags. The keyword ‘job’ and its variants are most often used above any other job-related hashtags, making these the best place to start your search.

  1. #Hiring and #NowHiring

These two hashtags work along similar lines to the above mentioned ‘job’ hashtags, in that anyone posting a job opportunity will often use this hashtag. It’s a great place to browse jobs in various industries and specialisms all in one place, and you can narrow down your search to a specific location by typing ‘Near:Location’ before the hashtag, e.g. ‘Near:Oxford’.

  1. #Freelance

Freelance job opportunities are growing in popularity in recent years, as employers and workers alike enjoy the flexibility of freelance work. This hashtag is used by a mixture of employers posting freelance opportunities and freelance workers posting about their availability and skills.

  1. #MarketingJobs

If you are looking for a marketing position, this hashtag is definitely worth a look. Likewise if you are looking for a position in another specialism, you can simply change the word marketing for ‘social media’, ‘blogging’, or etc. All fields have a hashtag like this, with a community full of employers looking for specialists in the area.

  1. #JobTips

This is a great hashtag for any job seeker to pick up tips to improve their job search. It has everything from advice on CV writing and application processes through to interviewing and climbing the career ladder. You can also find some influential and worthwhile people to follow on here, such as recruiters and top entrepreneurs!

What job hunt hashtags do you use? Share them with us, @Marketing_CIM!