The digital landscape is vast and offers a range of fresh opportunities for brands to reach new audiences online; if they know how.

Optimising your brand’s online presence is the key to unlocking the power of digital marketing. Having an online presence isn’t simply about simply having a website and a few social media channels; it’s about how you use those available channels to their optimum potential.

Here are some of the ways in which you can optimise your brand’s online presence and boost your digital marketing efforts:

Consider The Customer Experience

The customer should be at the centre of everything the business does, and online presence is no exception.

Take a look at the brand’s website for the customer’s point of view; how easy is it to see what is expected of them? Are the visuals and content engaging? Can they easily navigate the site and locate what they want? Does everything about the site make them want to buy more from the brand?

It is recommended that different strategies are considered and tested live, to get real time results which then allow you to see what works and what needs to be adapted to improve the customer experience.

Check Out Your Competitors

What are your competitors up to? Whether you have competitors that are the same level as you, or have organisations that are of a size and influence that your brand is aspiring to, it can be helpful to look at what they are doing and how the customers are interacting with it.

Do they have a high level of engagement on their social media channels? Consider if this is because of the particular channel, the content they are sharing, their brand personality or a mixture of factors.

Taking note of what works and doesn’t work for your competitors and why will help you to pinpoint what is effective and what needs to be adapted in your own online presence.

Develop a Strategy For Cross Channel Communications

Stepping back and considering the digital map of channels that you intend to use will make your efforts much more effective.

In the digital age, it is far more likely that the same customer will see your message across various different channels. Therefore keeping the core message and brand personality the same across all communications online will make for a more unified customer experience. The customer will be able to relate to the marketing across various channels with no room for confusion or mixed messages.

You can read more about developing a cross channel communications strategy in our recent blog post.

Analyse and Measure Everything

It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but it can’t be stressed enough. Monitoring online presence is the key to improving it. Each time you make any changes your strategy, run live tests and collect real-time data as well as monitoring the success of the ongoing strategy.

The data you collect can then be analysed to gain insight into your customer’s online behaviour and habits, changing online trends and exactly what benefits your efforts are reaping for the brand.

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