Social media is the no longer the future for marketing, it’s the here and now, and therefore it is ever more important for marketers to understand how to optimise it as a digital tool and interpret the impact of it.

There are many ways in which social media marketing efforts can be measured, and one of the most common focuses is on ‘presence’. Presence can be defined and measured in a number of ways, and it is often never the same for two companies, as their presence is as individual as their brand and personality.

The key is to know what works for what business.  The value of social media cannot be felt simply by being on it. As a marketer in the digital age you must familiarise yourself not only with the different social media channels and their own unique strengths and weaknesses as marketing tools, but also what businesses they are best suited to, and how a business must perform on each channel in order to create a valuable presence.

The Impact and Value of Mentions On Social Media

Posts, status updates, tweets, they are the core foundations that social networks are built around. Sharing thoughts, feelings, images, videos, etc is what people log onto each social media channel every day to both do themselves and to view from others.

And whether a company is active on social media or doesn’t even have an account on a particular channel, that doesn’t always mean they aren’t actually on there. You may notice as you trawl through your Facebook feed or check out your Twitter account today that there is always someone venting about a large corporation, and sometimes even an SME gets a mention. The company being talked about, whether it be a positive or negative comment, is often none the wiser but that person’s hundreds of friends or followers are seeing and being impacted by that person’s comment about the company. Take this example:

Sarah is having issues with her smartphone, and she blames the manufacturer, Samsung. One day when her phone stops working again she goes onto her Facebook account and types out an angry status update reading ‘Wish I never got this Samsung Galaxy 3, its been nothing but trouble! Next time I am going for an iPhone!’  She won’t think anything about the impact this could have, she’s just annoyed and social media has become the normal place to vent such annoyances. Little does she know or care, that around 10 of her Facebook friends were looking at getting a new Samsung phone, and seeing this has put them off due to hearing Sarah is having a bad experience.

Another example of how mentions can also be positive:

Jack just tried out the new Italian restaurant that opened in the town centre and few months ago, and while there he checks in via Facebook  and says ‘Absolutely gorgeous meal, stuffed now though!’. Its a simple enough comment, but the fact he checked in has now alerted his Facebook news feed to the location of this new restaurant, and a few friends might then think ‘I might try that’ and some might go to the restaurant a few days later, gaining new custom for restaurant.

Those are just a couple of the ways in which a company, large or small, global or local, can be mentioned on social media and how it can then impact on their business.

The best ways to keep a track of mentions for a business is to:

  1. Keep the business active on social media. More and more companies are discovering that if they make themselves active on social media, people will come directly to the business page or account to discuss their issues. People prefer to get in touch via social media for customer service as it often gets a far better and faster response than calling or emailing. This is good for the company as it allows them to demonstrate their excellent customer service skills publically.
  2. Search the business name on social media channels, as this will bring up any posts. Tweets, etc that have your business name in. Then if the post was a negative one, you can comment or tweet the person to try and resolve the issue. If it was a positive mention, then a simple thanks go a long way.

When it comes to measuring the impact of mentions, there is no way to determine exact numbers and value, but keeping track of mentions and displaying a company’s ability and desire to actively solve issues and thank people for their comments is a good practice to keep up on social media and helps publically display that the business holds good customer service as a priority, which can never hurt.

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