customer profiling social mediaUnderstanding who your customer is, including understanding their buying behaviour, is the key to a successful marketing campaign. And what better way to learn more about your customer than to have an insight into their personal lives. That’s where social media comes in.

Social media is used by the majority of internet users to brag, vent and generally express their thoughts and feelings as well as give social connections an in-depth glimpse at their personal life. So, with that in mind, here are some ways in which you can leverage social media data to improve your customer profiling:

Understand How Your Customers Use Your Products and Services

For an organisation to be successful, they must fully understand their intended mission and uses of their products/services and how this relates to how their customers use/perceive their products/services.

If you are to reach the customers that you consider to be your ideal target, you need to ensure that the way the organisation portrays itself and it’s offerings matches up with what the customer wants.

By using social media to monitor the way in which your products and services are being perceived and used by the target market, you can adapt the message to ensure it is always line with what the customer wants.

Ask Customers For Feedback

There is no better way to understand what the customer wants from your organisation and the industry as a whole than simply asking them.

This could be done by social media polls, surveys or competitions encouraging people to give honest feedback in relation to your organisation and its offerings, as well as what they want from the industry that they aren’t getting.

Using this information to adapt and evolve your offerings and your message will have a positive impact on your campaign success and will help improve customer relations by showing their voice is valuable to your organisation and their comments are being heard.

Map Out Customer Interests

Understanding your customer’s interests is another key element of success in a marketing campaign. Understanding what interests them can drive the focus of your marketing as well as help you to improve the products/services you offer.

Social media can play a large role in the mapping out of customer interests. The accounts a customer follows; the pages they like; and posts they engage with on social media give a great insight into what genuinely interests them.

Keep Updating and Evolving Customer Profiles

As the industry evolves, so do the customers and their expectations of your organisation. It is important to regularly update the customer profile and evolve them as the market changes. Social media is a useful tool for this part of the process, as it is the most up to date and real time information on the customer that you have constant access to.

Keeping customer profiles up to date allows you to keep ahead of competition and take advantage of arising opportunities and gaps in the market before others.

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