aqua-3d-hashtag-symbolSocial media is a powerful catalyst in the customer decision making process. It’s influence is great, and integrating it into your current and future marketing efforts will ensure you can harness it’s power and utilise it properly.

How Social Media Fits In To The Marketing Funnel

Social media is traditionally seen by many marketing agencies as a feeder for the top end of the marketing funnel, as it doesn’t offer as many quantifiable results that show a definite return on investment when considering on its own.

Although social media does feed the funnel, it also offers much more benefit further down. It drives engagement via social interest at the beginning of the customer decision making process, and also later can act to influence the customer’s decision to purchase. This value is gained from integrating social media efforts with other marketing strategies, and measuring them as whole.

Integrating Social Media In Other Marketing Strategies

  • Search – As social media gains power in the digital world, social signals have become a huge influencer of a website’s search engine rankings. The search team should co-operate with the social media team in order to aggregate the social media channels’ influence and drive SEO efforts.
  •  Content – Creating content that is aimed at the social media audience can boith help to drive engagement on social channels and increase the viral potnetial of your content.  Also using authors with Google Authorship and high authority authors can boost the potential reach.
  •  Website – In addition to adding share and like/follow buttons for social media on your website, offering visitors the option to use ‘social sign-in’ is a great way to drive conversion on your website and capture date of visitors. Also adding the option to give a rating/recommendation via social media rating options on site can increase engagement and recommendations.
  •  Campaigns – Creating campaigns that focus on specific market segments and using social media to create a specific social persona will mean campaigns have a lasting impact on your audience beyond impressions and click-throughs and well after the campaign has ended. Creating a brand personality for your company on social media will serve as a way to build lasting relationships with your target customers, built on loyalty and trust for the brand’s persona.

If you would like to learn more about harnessing the power of social media and integrating it with other marketing strategies, you may be interested in the Postgraduate Certificate in Social Media. The course is accredited by University of California Irvine Extension in partnership with The Digital Marketing Association, and addressed the many issues surrounding social media marketing integration. It also provides marketers with a roadmap to navigate social media in order to gain a competitive edge.

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