marketing courses careersMarketing is an exciting, fast paced and highly rewarding career option. And the best part of it is, contrary to popular belief you DON’T need to get a university degree in marketing or A-levels to get a marketing job!

Passion Wins Every Time

If you are able to show that you have a genuine passion for marketing, employers will be more likely to take you on without a marketing degree.

This means you need to take a hands-on approach to your career marketing in your own time, researching trends, keeping on top of news, getting to grips with the basics and being able to demonstrate a real life understanding of marketing on the whole.

This also means getting to grips with some of the core skills needed within the sector: HTML, SEO, graphic design, Adwords, blogging, copywriting, etc. Keep checking what the marketing job roles are listing as the required skills, and choose the ones that are your biggest weaknesses or that you know least about to start working on first.

Experience Is (Almost) Everything

As with many careers, marketing favour someone who has hands on experience in a real working environment. If you have just left school or college and have not work experience of any kind, that doesn’t mean you aren’t in with a chance.

What marketing employers want to see on your CV is that you knew what you wanted, and you used your initiative to get it. Marketing work experience opportunities are easy to come by, and if you can show your passion for the sector and are happy to do a little unpaid work here and there, then you will have no trouble racking up plenty of experience.

Having internships and work experience relating to marketing on your CV will demonstrate to the potential employer that you not only have a basic understanding of marketing, but that you are passionate enough about your career to go out and grab it by the horns, degree or no degree.

There Are Alternative Qualifications Available

Now although a marketing degree isn’t essential to your marketing career, you will progress much faster and get paid more if you can demonstrate that you have a theoretical understanding of marketing.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing offer marketing and digital marketing qualifications at varying levels that are recognised and sought after by marketing agencies and employers. They aren’t anywhere near the lengthy 3 year full time study commitment that a university degree in marketing presents; they can be completed in your own time, at whatever pace suits your lifestyle. You can continue to work and gain experience alongside gaining your qualification, and some employers will even fund the course for you as part of your on the job training.

Having this kind of qualification on your CV coupled with experience could see you take a significant leap in terms of what opportunities are open to you in marketing.

You can find out more about the different types of marketing and digital marketing courses and the study options available to you by contacting Oxford College of Marketing via email, or by calling (0)1865 515 255.